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    Hi All,

    I setup a blog back in November, in which I never used. I ended up getting my own domain a few weeks later to run WP on. I’m not certain if these blogs would expire if anyone doesn’t use them or not, so I’m offering it to anyone who wants it. Reply here or just send me an email to (email redacted) and I will send you the login information.




    Question to admins: should account trading actually be permitted? I have the impression most bloghosts bar it in the ToS, probably because it allows people access without you having a verified email address for them. I re-iterate: a Terms of Service would be really helpful in clearing up points like this, what kind of content will get your blog ‘archived or suspended’, etc etc etc.

    Not really relevant here — as the user did not agree to any terms of service, they can dispose of their account however they choose — but it might be worth thinking about for the future.

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