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    Od tygodnia nie mogę włożyć nowych tekstów, ani zmienić starych. Jak kliknę na ‘nowy wpis’ pokazuje się pusta strona. Co mam zrobić?



    Hey there, I used to understand:

    For a week now, I haven’t been able to insert new texts or change old ones. When I click on ‘new entry’ a blank page is shown. What should I do?

    We’ve seen a few cases recently like this that were solved by clearing cache:

    Can you try that, and if it does not work, send a link to the page you’re using to write your post? Let us know what browser you’re using, too.


    Wyczyściłam pamięć, ale to nic nie dało.
    Link do mojej strony (czy o to chodziło?)
    Próbowałam na trzech przeglądarkach: opera, mozilla firefox i chrome.
    Wcześniej problemu nie było, chyba od tygodnia nic się nie da wkleić.



    Hi Bogumiła,

    I had accessed your account and was able to add a new post without issues. Can you go to this page and confirm that it loads correctly for you?


    No właśnie nie. Pokazuje się to samo, co po kliknięciu na “nowy wpis”. Czy NIC. Pusta strona. Żadnych możliwości pracy. Mam dwa komputery i jest tak samo.

    Być może teraz potrzeba nowszego programu? sprzętu? przeglądarki? U mnie się nie da już zaktualizować.
    Ja mam wszystko stare, ale przez dwa lata robiłam stronę bez problemu. I teraz nagle już się nie da więcej? Muszę to wyrzucić? Zmarnowałam dwa lata? Jeśli u ciebie działa, to znaczy, że nie działa na starym sprzęcie?



    First, please make sure that your browser is up to date:

    If it is not, please try updating your browser or switching to a different browser.

    If it is, please do these two things:

    1. Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies.

    2. Try with all browser extensions or add-ons temporarily disabled.

    Please let us know how each step goes for you, and which browser (and version of) you’re using if you’re still having trouble.


    Do macmanxa:
    Nie czytałeś moich odpowiedzi, skoro pytasz o to samo. Tak, mam stare nieaktualne przeglądarki, nie da się tego uaktualnić, bo mam stare windowsy. Próbowałam w kilku przeglądarkach. Tak, czyściłam historię i pamięć podręczną, wyrzuciłam cookies.
    Pytałam, czy te “starocie” mogą uniemożliwiać korzystanie z bloga. Czy coś się tam zmieniło w ostatnim tygodniu, bo bez problemu wkładałam teksty przez dwa lata, mam ich ponad tysiąc, a od tygodnia nagle nie mogę. Nie stać mnie na nowy komputer i nowe programy. Czy blog jest do wyrzucenia?



    You didn’t read my answers if you asked the same. Yes, I have old and outdated browsers, it cannot be updated because I have old windows. I tried in several browsers. Yes, I cleared history and cache, threw out cookies.
    I asked whether these “antiquities” could prevent the use of the blog. Did anything change last week, because I had no problem putting texts on for two years, I have over a thousand, and suddenly I can’t do it for a week. I cannot afford a new computer and new programs. Is the blog to be kicked out?

    What is your Windows version, and what is your browser version number for Firefox and Chrome?

    If you’re working on a very outdated browser, then that is the problem, yes.

    The code languages in which websites are made are constantly changing, and if you don’t keep your browser to the newest version, it comes to a point where your browser just don’t understand the code that makes the website work any more. You will see more and more websites start to break if you cannot update to the most recent browser versions.

    For now, you can try using the classic editor instead – go to and switch on the option to show WP-Admin pages. Then if you go to My Site ->Posts or My Site ->Pages, you will have the option to select the Classic Editor instead. For now that should work, but eventually that will stop working as well.


    Dziękuję za wszystkie starania, ale nic się nie da zrobić. Mój system to XP, przeglądarki firefox 52, chrome 49, Opera 36. Na wszystkich jest napisane, że nie da się zaktualizować.
    Klasyczny edytor nie działa. Mogę wpisać temat, ale tekstu nie da się ani wpisać, ani wkleić.



    Thank you for all your efforts, but nothing can be done. My system is XP, browsers firefox 52, chrome 49, Opera 36. All of them say that it is impossible to update.
    Classic editor doesn’t work. I can type a subject, but the text cannot be typed or pasted.

    Thanks for that! That seems to be the issue here.

    Microsoft dropped support for XP a few years ago, as as time goes on it is becoming less and less compatible with modern browser technologies. See:

    There are constant updates to both the editor and to as a whole. There are also continual updates to the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP coding languages that are used to create and many other websites. And it is more likely that it was an update to one of these languages, rather than an update to the editor, that caused this to break.

    If you don’t use the latest browser and operating system, you’re likely running into the issue where your operating system/browser just isn’t compatible with modern versions of WordPress and we have no way to get around that here.

    If you can, we recommend you upgrade to Windows 10 as that seems to be the minimum version of Windows that still works with the Classic editor. Upgrading your OS will also allow you to install more modern browser versions which should help here.

    I hope that clarifies things.



    Also, consider installing Linux. It’s free. There are several varieties, and you will get a fully updated system. You could Ubuntu, Kubuntu or, if you’re on a 32 bit system, there are a variety of distributions that will function on 32 bits and still provide you with a fully up-to-date browser. And virtually no viruses with Linux.

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