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    Hi there,

    Just wondering what the deal is with noticons? Apparently, noticons is “our icon font” (

    I think they noticons is a fantastic idea – being able to use an embedded font to show resolution-independent images. But I can’t seem to get them to work. In fact, I’m not even sure I am supposed to. Are they still under development? Or am I missing something?

    I notice that some themes (I have been using Twenty Twelve lately) have a noticons stylesheet.

    I am able to insert an icon (say, the Twitter bird) like this:

    <div class="noticon noticon-twitter"></div>

    and it shows up just fine while I am editing my blog. But as soon as I log out, the icon is gone. This means it’s a pretty useless feature for any visitor that is not (a) a WordPress user and (b) actually logged on to WordPress at the time.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    (BTW: There was another similar post on this topic, but it has been closed, and it didn’t answer the question). See: )



    You’re right. I can confirm that they display when logged in and not when logged out.

    Not aware of the plans for these (if they’re still considered under development or what-have-you).



    At this time, Noticons are only used for system-level items at (The Dashboard, Notifications, Reader, Stats, admin bar, etc), so they are only loaded for logged in users.



    Thanks for the clarification mapmanx.

    Well, it would be awesome if we could use notions or genericons in the body text of a blog.

    Would be great to identify, say, external links, PDF downloads, social media links, etc.

    Maybe one day..



    You’re welcome!

    Providing suport for Noticons or Genericons is something that we are discussing, so it may be here eventually.

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