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    I have stopped receiving posts from blogs I follow in my email inbox. I’ve checked my settings, and several times when I’v come back to “subscription delivery” the “Block all email updates from blogs you’re following on” even though I did not check that box, and have unchecked it several times. Even when that box is not checked, I am only receiving Word Press Daily prompts, and two other blogs I follow. This is wreaking havoc with my blog interactions, as fellow bloggers think I’m ignoring their posts, when I’m not. My blog is in a very exciting place (hitting 2,000 followers) and I feel badly that others think I’m not reciprocating. I’ve also missed some prompts that I usually follow… having thought they were taking a break. I can see the blogs I follow in The Reader, but no email comes to me, as they always have. All of my settings seem correct. I don’t subscribe to comments by email, but do subscribe to new posts by email, but they are not coming. What can I do?? Any help would be appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Could you please check your spam/junk e-mail folder to see if the e-mail ended up there?

    Also, check your delivery settings at and

    I have set your default delivery to Instant Email Delivery.

    If you still aren’t receiving emails, please let me know and I’d be happy to look into it for you!



    thanks, I did check my junk/spam file and there are no WP emails. It is not ONE email, it is all the email notifications for posting by other bloggers, for the past week. This morning, when I got up, some were in there and others were not. Again all my settings are correct. In the meantime, when I posted this on a blog, numerous other bloggers reported the exact same problem! I’m not really sure if this problem is cleared up, as (again) I am now getting some, but not others, despite settings.



    Hi there,

    It looks like we did have an issue last September, but it has been fixed at this time. After looking into the blogs you follow, the subscriptions delivery varies per blog. You have some blogs set to receive instant deliveries, and some are set to daily/weekly subscriptions. Just to clarify, you would not receive emails for every blog you follow unless they publish a new post, and you would only receive an email instantly if you set it to that.

    As a test, I have set it up so that you follow my test blog. I will publish a post, and please let me know if you received an email!

    Thank you for all your patience! :)


    Thanks, Grace. The emails have started up again… without warning, just as they stopped. Strange! I ended up having about 5+ other bloggers who told me that they had the same problem over the holidays. Something in WP land. I have checked and re-checked my mail/delivery settings, and I check ALL of them to as soon as they are published, or daily, but when I go back, the settings are changed. Yes, I hit Save changes, before refreshing. Again, I have found several other bloggers who were complaining of the same problems, over the same window of time… but we all seem to have gotten our emails back, since I started this thread. Thanks for following up! Much appreciated.



    Hi there!

    I’m glad it all worked out! If any other bloggers are still having the same issue please have them contact support!

    Happy Blogging and Happy New Year!

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