Not functional drop-down menus on 20 14 theme and Android platform

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    The site was built on the Twenty Fourteen theme, on Mac OS and “mapped” with a personal domain. On Mac OS and Windows Vista (with Google Chrome or Safari), it works correctly (it seems today!).

    The transformation of the display on computer to the iOS platform (with Safari) does not put either problem. On iPhone and iPad, the displays are different. Both are right and rather elegant.

    The difficulty is on the Android platform (on Samsung Tab 10 “) with both browsers available on the tablet (Google Chrome and Internet of Samsung). Whatever the chosen option is (mobile display or not), the only available display is the one on computer. What would be the lesser drawback, if drop-down menus were functional. The menu tabs appear and disappear almost immediately.

    And thus both menus are of no use because we have no access to pages. Horizontal and side menus have the same defect with maybe an a little longer time of presence of tabs on the side menu (I put two menus to be sure that there was no possible solution with a different choice for the menu).

    “Cleaning” Google Chrome (links, pages, etc.) various times didn’t change anything.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    The blog I need help with is




    If I understand you correctly you are having difficulty viewing your website on Android devices? If that is correct, I viewed your site on my Android Phone in both Firefox and Chrome and your drop-down menus (the ones at the top) work just fine. The only differences is that your widgets on the left-side get placed at the bottom. Your widgets on the right side do not appear at all. This might be due to the responsive nature of the theme.
    See also:



    Hello !

    Thanks for your help. I couldn’t find the reason why the drop down menu was not operating on my Samsung tablet … and I decided to change the theme !
    Apparently, now, all is OK on Mac, PC, iPhone, I Pad and Samsung Tab.
    The question is not resolved but we can close the discussion.



    I tagged this thread for Themes Staff attention so they will be aware of the issue.






    You are welcome. :)



    Hi heraclitepro – thanks for reporting this issue with Twenty Fourteen. So we can look into it further in case it affects others, would you mind looking at these two Twenty Fourteen demo sites and let me know if the dropdown menu is working correctly on your Android tablet?

    If the dropdown menu is not working, could you please let me know what version of Android you’re running? If you’re not sure, visit and check what it says there, or try Settings > About tablet, and look for Android version.

    Thanks for your help.




    With both sites, the dropdown menus don’t work.

    What I found on my tablet :

    Model : SM-T530
    Android version : 4.4.2
    Kernel version : 3.4.0-2415958
    dpi@SWDD3917#1Thu Aug 14 17:38:49 KST 2014

    I hope that will help you !



    Thanks again for all your testing, Heraclite. I submitted a ticket to Core Trac, since Twenty Fourteen is a default theme and that’s where issues get reported with default (aka bundled) themes. In case you’re interested in how it develops, you can follow it here since it’s public:



    Thank you. I will follow !

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