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    I posted yesterday my second post but it didn’t appear in the reader and hasn’ still. My first post appeared right away so i was wondering if i have done anything wrong!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi writerswritersblog,
    I see both of your posts in the reader. Have you tried clearing your browser cache?
    Common Browser Issues


    Thanks for your prompt answer! How can i clearmy browser cache-sorry i don’t know what it takes!



    @writerswritersblog That depends on what browser you are using. Here are instructions for the most popular ones:



    Internet Explorer





    Thank you for the details. I just wanted to ask you under what tag you found my Madame Bovary Pos in the Reader
    because i still can’t find it in the reader in any of the tags i have tagged it.



    The masters-of-fiction tag shows both of your posts in my reader. :)


    Thank you again! You are right, i just found it under that tag, i was searching under the tags of literature and fiction and couldn’t find them there. Do our posts appear in all the tags we have indicated but they only stay for a very short time in the most popular? Or they just show up in some of them? Thank you for your time, i just haven’t figured out how the reader works so that i can use it productively!



    I am actually not 100% sure how the reader works. I know that your posts are the only ones that show up for me when I search for the masters-of-fiction tag. I tried searching for literature and then sorted by date and scrolled back through the posts to when you published the Madam Bovary piece (took a while) and it wasn’t there. My best guess is that those tags are just flooded with content. You should probably still include them in your posts but you might not trend on them until you’re a little more popular. Definitely keep that masters-of-fiction tag going though. You’re on to something there.


    That was very helpful, thank you in deed! It seems you have a point there and i will keep your advice. Thanks for all the trouble and the scrolling down you had to do!



    All reasons for non-appearance of posts on Topics pages and in the Reader can be found here >

    Have you consulted that support doc? Please make sure that you do as you need to edit the existing posts and remove the excess tags/categories from your posts.

    See also:

    The combined total of categories and tags on any post must not exceed 15 or it will not display on Categories and Tags pages and in the WordPress.COM Reader. After removal of the excess categories and/or tags note it may take several days for your posts to begin displaying there and in the Reader.

    Also, note that posts do not display in the Reader forever. Posts only display in the WordPress.COM Reader for 60 days.

    All of your posts are here

    All of your pages are here

    Hover of a page title or post title and click the Edit link.

    Edit pages
    Go Back and Edit Posts


    Thank you for your reply! I’m aware of the 15 tag+caregories rule and haven’t exceeded the limit. The fact is that i wouldn’t be so alarmed about the second post not making it to the reader but the first one was included in many categories right from the very start of its posting so i was prepared to see it happening with my second one too, which is more or less of the same nature ( literary criticism, fiction, novels). Thanks for all the support, maybe my third post will clear things out!



    You’re welcome.

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