no puedo entrar en mi blog

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    El problema es que tengo un blog de WordPress (takeyourpleasuresseriously) y hace poco compré un dominio en Hostalia (hygge productions) pero no sé como se ha vinculado el perfil de Hygge productions con takeyourpleasuresseriously. Me sale el wordpress de uno pero el perfil de otro y no me deja escribir ni cambiar de cuenta. No puedo hacer nada.


    The blog I need help with is



    I used to understand that you’re trying to log into another site that was set up under a different account. I have confirmed you have two different accounts for these two sites.

    Can you log out, then log in again using the email address that receives notifications for that site? That’s the one you’ll need to use to access the site.

    If you don’t know what address that is, try commenting on one of your posts. In most cases, you’ll get an email notification at the correct address.

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