No edit option, want to edit footer credit

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    want to add below text as footer credit-

    ©️ 2019,, All Rights Reserved

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi @vivekananda150719, it looks like yo’ve added this to a footer widget. Do you still need help?


    Yes i have added in footer widget. But i want to add in footer credit.



    You can add it to your site footer by using this CSS:

    div#footer::before {
      content: "©️ 2019,, All Rights Reserved";

    Go to My Site ->Design ->Customize ->CSS, and paste that code on a new line in the code editor on the left.

    Note that your business plan also gives you access to live chat and email support for help with questions like these. Just click the question mark icon bottom-right on the My Sites pages to reach us that way.


    Facebook is not allowing to share my website link. They are saying that its a spammy link which does not meet their community standard. From few days i am facing this issue. Please guide me. There is no issue with twitter, LinkedIn or tumbler.


    Good morning –

    That problem is unique to Facebook and unfortunately we have no control over what they determine to be spam. The best way forward is to actually reach out to their support and request that the site be unblocked.


    My another question is –

    In my website’s “Books” page there are several list of books with image and download option. I want to create a log in option for viewers. The criteria should be viewers can view the page with list of books. But whenever they click for download book they should log in with their email id/FB/WP id/google id (small screen will appear)



    That’s going to take some custom work, so it’s a bit beyond the scope of what we can offer here.

    I recommend reaching out to someone at

    You can alternatively use WooCommerce, which will allow you to accomplish all but the specific login options. Out-of-the-box, you can have them log in to buy, but it will just be with an account on your site.


    How can i put a search option on top of page/at header/ right side of page parallel to Menu. (in mobile or desktop, no search option in maxwell theme.) i have added search widget (for desktop it is showing on top but in mobile its below the post)


    There’s a widget that you can add through the Customizer. Click on My Sites – Customize – Widgets – Add – Search Widget


    I already added search widget. In desktop search button appear on top(right hand sidebar). But in case of mobile it appears below the post. I need it should appear always on top parallel to Menu bar.



    That’s going to require some extensive modification to the theme that would be outside of the scope we can provide here.

    Have you considered trying a new theme that’s more like what you want?


    Actually i dont want to change theme. You may suggest for theme what i want keeping other parameters same along with site speed like present maxwell theme.


    In maxwell premium theme of my website how shall i add GA code in header php as per instruction by google analytic.



    Since the site already has Jetpack (as part of the Business Plan), you’ll be able to do that following this guide:



    Also, please note that as a customer on our Business Plan, you can reach our Live Chat support via

    There’s a lot less wait time between replies there. ;)


    how can i update white color footer credit copyright text on black background



    First, modify the code I gave you on 10 September and add a line to change the text color:

    div#footer::before {
         content: "©️ 2019,, All Rights Reserved";
         color: white;

    Then add this code to change the background:

    /* Modify background colour of footer, and stretch footer to full width of the body element, rather than the footers #page container element */
    div#footer {
       background-color: black;
       width: calc(100vw - 2em);
       position: relative;
       left: 50%;
       right: 50%;
       margin-left: calc(-50vw + 1em);
       margin-right: -50vw;
       max-widht: 1340px;
    @media only screen and (max-width: 60em) {
       div#footer {
          width: 100vw;
          margin-left: -50vw;

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