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    I hired someone from fiver to create a website for me about year ago. MidWise was available online until a few months ago. My card payment was declined and I failed to follow up because I had so many things going on and my business wasn’t really active at the time.

    Now I want to start doing business again and make some changes to my page. I do (or did) have the login information; but when I try to log in WordPress says I don’t have an account. When I try searching for my page online, it’s not available. Please help. Unknown
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    What is the URL of the site you’re trying to access?

    NOTE: We can only assist with websites hosted here at If you’re using the WordPress software, but hosted elsewhere, you will need to reach out to your hosting provider or the community for guidance:


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    Hi @abeck79,

    Thanks for sharing your URL. It looks like your site is hosted with GoDaddy:

    I suggest reaching out to them for support with your site, and hope that points you in the right direction.

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