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    I am planning to use as a travel blog for my photos with verbage to go along with them. I have played around and everything will work out reasonably well. I have several questions and can’t seem to find the answers:

    1) I plan to load up 20-30 pictures at a time. Most of my pictures are very high resolution(semi-professional photographer). What resolution is best to upload to I normally don’t have a very solid wifi nor do I want to use up all my allotment(thought I understand I can buy more).

    2) If I upload high res does WordPress convert to a different resolution?

    3) I have loaded photos onto my account but none of the options in the “media” section work well for me. I currently use Smugmug and would like emulate something similar. I would also like to click on a picture and go to full screen, then arrow through the rest of the pictures at my pace.

    4) I understand and like the idea of themes and plugins but there are so many and I am having a hard time understand how/what each one will do and how it will work. Is it a matter of having to try each one until you stumble upon the one that will work?

    5) Can I work with WordPress offline, then upload everything? This would be my ideal solution but I can’t seem to find out how.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    The blog I need help with is


    I don’t know how to edit my original note.

    Question number 6:

    How do I find plugins? I have read about several photography plugins but can’t find where to load them.

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