Newbie needs help with publishing

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    First things first, hi to everyone. I have just created my first WP blog, imported it from blogger. The import went off really smooth.

    In Blogger I could publish the blog to my persoinal domain using FTp. Have the following questions, would be great if someone could help me out:

    1. Can I do that in WP, if yes, then how?

    2. How do i redirect all visitors to my WP blog to my personal domain?

    If my questions sound too idiotic, pl. do excuse me as I registered at WP barely 12 hours ago.

    Thanks a lot.



    1. No you can’t do that.

    2. Because of (1) you can’t.

    When Domain Mapping is launched (it will be a paid upgrade), you will be able to have your blog hosted here but it will look like it is at your personal domain.
    That’s the option that is closest to what you want.

    There is no time span for Domain Mapping’s launch.

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