New to WordPress. What can I change with CSS Editor?

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    I have previously used blogger and am hoping to use wordpress as I can purchase a domain name for $15. In blogger I redid most of my html code (Custom colors, fonts, new background images, etc…). I am familiar with CSS; however, I am unsure how much I can customize my WordPress blog to decide if I should purchase a domain and the CSS editing option. How much can you customize with CSS and are there any WordPress Themes (not available from Wordpres) that can be loaded into WordPress?
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    WordPress offers three different options.
    (1) You can edit your template or create one of your own only if you purchase an upgrade and undertake css customization
    (2) Although some themes at and may appear to be the same they are not; the software is different. The “please read me first before posting” pink sticky at the head of the forum outlines the differences between blogs and blogs which are on different code bases.

    A Brief Overview
    At we are on a shared multiuser blogging platform and we are not allowed to use iframes, forms, some media embeds and styles, etc. or javascript for security reasons. Whether or not you purchase a domain or customize your css is irrelevant if your host is both the foregoing and the following will apply.

    Two options.
    (1) You can choose a theme from the admin area of your blog -> Dashboard -> Presentation -> Themes and select one.

    If you do not wish to use one of the themes made available at through your admin section -> Dashboard -> Presentation -> Themes then you can choose to undertake css customizing a theme or make your own, or you can move to self hosting or a web host and altering a free template.

    (2) CSS customization can be used to improve on any existing theme; you can define your own classes for use in posts; you can select the Sandbox theme and build on one of the Minimalist layouts or, opt for no stylesheet and do it all yourself. If you feel you are up to the challenge of customizing a theme then these link, link, link will be helpful.

    Although there is a forum and other bloggers may volunteer to help you if needs be, there is no staff support for css customization. There are also css resources that you can access listed in the FAQs blog.

    The 15$ you pay to upgrade a blog enables you to to alter the appearance of your theme and but not the underlying php code. Purchasing the upgrade entitles you to customize css on one blog for one year.



    Do you have any links to some heavily customized WordPress blogs that I could look at to better understand what can be changed?
    Thank you



    Even i don’t understand half of the stuff he did. :)

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