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    Just noticed something new in the stats, the word “Home page” and the number of count on it is significantly larger than any post. Could anyone explain what this is and how are the numbers derived?


    The blog I need help with is




    I believe it’s how many people find your blog without actually clicking on any of yous posts. If so it would clear up the discrepancy between the total number of ‘clicks’ you receive, and the total number of ‘clicks on posts’.




    I just came here to see what this is about. I hope it is the # of people that visited the homepage without clicking on posts.


    I also just noticed the same thing. A bit puzzling. My stats say 109 Home page, but only 55 for my latest post which is on the home page. Someone will probably explain.

    Happy New Year, everyone!



    It’s normal for the home page to have A LOT more views, particularly if you publish full posts, since there is no need for people to click the post title and go to the individual post to read it; they can just scroll down the home page.


    Thanks Husdal. So are you saying the 109 views were from people clicking on my blog name, and thus arriving on my home page, and the 55 who are noted as reading my latest post were searching for that particular piece–or a word or phrase that led them there?



    Well, not just from searches, but they could have clicked your Recent Posts or Recent Comments, or being linked to that particular post from other blogs.


    Got it, Husdal. Thanks again.



    Making posts sticky presumably raises the chance of them being read via the Home Page.


    The thing is that until yesterday I never had “Home page” listed in my list of places receiving hits. Is this a new way that WordPress is counting the hits/visits? Ie, did they before ascribe these hits/counts to the most recent Post and now they are doing it to Home page. It seems to me that in the last two days that I’ve noticed this, my hit rate has also gone up. Coincidental?



    Yes, it is new.

    Before, the home pages hits counted towards your total views, but did not show up at all on the list of places receiving hits.

    And everyone is noticing a spike in hits because after two weeks of holidays, everyone is back at work and procrastinating again.



    I was about to ask the same thing!!

    Thx for the explaination.



    Yup, this is new today :)


    This is great because now it looks as though my total views is the same as the total of all my individual page views, which has never been the case before for the reason raincoaster said. However, do home page views simply count views of the homepage “”? What about all the subpages, such as “”, or “”, for example? Are views of those subpages now being counted as well?



    raincoaster, thank you for the explanations. Could you (or someone else) please explain a little bit more the differences between the “before” stats and the “new” stats? How did my main page views count before?


    Main page views weren’t counted at all before, AFAIK.



    Well, I’m quiet happy about it all. Never had so many visits in a day ;-)

    P.S. The “top posts” list (on my homepage) is going a little crazy though and does not correspond to any “real” stats, daily, weekly or monthly.



    The “home page” feature is new, but on the stats page you can see its stats all the way back to the beginning of your blog.

    It is strange how it varies so much from one month to the next, much more than any post.

    And today, among the top posts, there has always been one that got mentioned twice, once at the top, once more towards the bottom of the top posts.



    There’s something weird about this new feature and it’s relationship to the Top Post widget. I just made a post few minutes ago and it is at the top of my main page. But the same post is also showing up in the Top Post widget. How could a recently made post reach the top spot so quickly?



    Is anyone looking into this? I intend to remove my Top Post widget as it is not producing the expected results. It now shows a blog post at the top which I posted few years ago.

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