New Smilies?

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    The new :mrgreen: scared me so much that I panicked and searched the dashboard looking for some settings to change it back. But it’s nowhere to be found… Plus, that :lol: smiley has always been my favorite “mocking” icon.
    Shame, why are they doing this to us?



    Thanks aw1923 for the cheat sheet link. At least I know what I’m going to get in advance. But there are 3 added ones in the new list. Do you know what to type to get them?



    you enter in these for the last three:






    This change got made to the WP software in general, it’s not unique to

    For self-hosted WordPress users, I’ve made a plugin to undo these new (and hideously ugly) smilies and replace them with the original classic smilies. If and when 2.9 gets released with these, that is.

    The plugin can currently be found here:



    @otto42 Well, good on you! Of course that doesn’t help us WordPress.COM users, so you might want to post that over in the ORG forums. Just sayin’…

    Dear Powers-That-Be, please, please
    Put ’em back
    the way they wuz
    oh, put ’em back the way they wuz.
    They was dumb, they was heathen,
    but at least they was breathin,
    so whatever else you does,

    Put ’em back the way they wuz!
    Put ’em back [put em back]
    The way they wuz [the way they wuz]
    oh, put ’em back the way they wuz!

    They was plumb unattractive,
    but by gum, they was active,
    so I beg you kindly ’cause,
    put ’em back the way they wuz!



    Plugin now has an official page here:

    Also posted on the .org forums.



    These new smilies are the worst EVER!! Washed out and hideous! NO ONE on ICHC likes them. And the worst part is, the classic ones were so good that we used them to augment our comments, to enhance the humor or our mood. Therefore, ALL of these commnents now either make no sense (as some of the smilies no longer exist and have perhaps been replaced by who KNOWS what! or are not nearly as funny as they once were. You have done all of us a tremendous disservice with this change.

    Also, the bright, crisp yellow added to the “happy” feel of our comment pages. All this is now gone! SURELY you must have some tech people capable of figuring this out! And fixing it

    I, who once happily applied smilies to emphasize almost everything I said, can no longer use them. They ae simply too ugly and I do not want the associated with my name.



    :roll: now shows a smiley with a tongue.

    arrggh… they f*cked up ‘the smileys’ completely.



    Overview: The ‘old WP smileys’ vs. ‘new WP smileys’ vs. ‘Tango smileys’.



    I think, the new smileys, aspecially this one :mrgreen: looks like a lego-figure. I hate them, and I’m not the only one, I think. Please bring the old smileys back!!! Or give the users an option to decide, what kind of smileys they want to use.

    Thank you!



    @reynie: Thanks for the nice chart!



    I noticed the evil and twisted smiley look exactly the same. :( VS the old set had a small difference between them.



    Reynie, thank you so much for the chart!:)



    There’s a few of the new ones I like, but most of them are poor substitutes for the old smilies. I might need to make my own while I wait for a better set.



    With the world of modern technology and a gazillion different emoticons out there, I don’t see why WordPress can’t offer a substantial variety from which we could choose. I was never fond of the old smilies, but certainly they were better than these new ones. I guess I just need to disable them. Sigh.



    It’s glad to see that I’m not alone in finding the new smilies a total turnoff.

    I want my mrgreen back! And my animated lol smiley!
    And I still don’t understand why the new “:)” smiley doesn’t even look like it’s smiling. Which is mighty mighty sad, if you ask me.

    Rule of thumb: Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke!
    And by the looks of it from this topic thread, many of us want what we previously had!



    Agreed. The :)is too subtle, and :D and mrgreen look very uncomfortable.


    These smilies are terrible. They look cheap, washed-out and amateurish. I’m turning them off until WordPress fixes it


    “They look cheap, washed-out and amateurish.” That’s the point! What we had before looked quirky and cute. They added humor and personality. These new ones detract rather than enhance. I’m glad to learn, at least, that this was not something initiated by WordPress, but can they and will they fix it?!!? Please, please bring back the old smilies!

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