New post editor: PLEASE make it show categories in a tree and not a huge list.

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    I write posts in several different topics and I have a lot of categories structured in a tree. The new post editor just shows a flat LONG list which makes it pretty useless for me.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there. This issue was reported in the main thread on the new editor which has since been closed. You can subscribe to this thread to be updates on fixes as they take place:

    The old editor with its regular features still exists, but you have to go to the dashboard to find it. Click on Posts ->All Posts to edit existing ones. Click on Posts ->Add New to create a new one. If you click on the option to use the Classic Editor at the top of the New Editor and have cookies enabled, your browser should remember your preference and take you there automatically next time you create a new post form the drop-down menu in the black admin bar. However, it appears the pencil icon in the blue Reader menu bar will take you to the new editor regardless of your selected preference.



    I read that post before posting my own and I do not see it mentioning anything else than some generic “make it easier to search long tag lists…”

    I am specifically asking to get the hierarchical structure back.


    I agree with you, perjonsson.

    I will not use the “new, too-blue, BBB” editor until they fix the categories, among a few other issues, including the too-blue screen.

    We need the hierarchy of parent-child(ren) categories not one too long list of categories like it is now.



    It was mentioned several times in the 950-post main feedback thread. Not all the suggestions and feedback are listed in the sticky thread, or it would have been five pages long itself, but I assure you it has been reported and staff did reply that they’re looking into it.



    I really appreciate the “start with/stick with” option you provide by not FORCING this “new and improved posting experience” on us. Depending on how our brains function and how we use the platform, it is truly not “easier” for some of us.

    Please-please-please don’t do away with the old once you get the new interface working sans glitches.

    What would be REALLY great would be to be able to set the preference “back stage” and never have to see “beep beep boop” again (or have to click through screens to edit in the format we prefer. Please put it “on the list.” Thanks.



    PLEASE make it show categories in a tree and not a huge list. Seconded.



    Hi there,

    I can indeed confirm that getting an option for categories into a hierarchical format is indeed on the to-do list for our developers.

    We also still do not have any plans to remove the original editor.



    Very good news, indeed. Thanks for the update, amightywp.



    Indeed, good news amightywp :-)



    My pleasure. I hope you all have a great week!

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