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    For the last few days i noticed for a new kind of referrals in my statistic :
    i’m trying to understand – what is it ?

    Thank for your help (:


    Member is local host. It is most likely referral spams.

    What site is this for and what analytic are you using?



    Hi wdn2020
    what you mean by “What site is this for” ?
    and i’m not sure i understand what you call “analytic”



    Can you post the web site address you have in question?

    Where do you see the



    Thank you wdn2020
    I prefer not to deal with specific site.
    Let me know what you are looking for.



    This support forum is only for site hosted by Without a link to your site, staffs or volunteer cannot provide you with any assistance.

    If you are looking for support or help on self host WordPress, Please go to

    Please see this link for the difference between and



    Thank you wdn2020
    I know where i’m and what is the differences…
    Do you know this kind of referral and knows what is mean ?


    I’m seeing the same referer on my wordpress site What is it?



    I have the same referer, I am using smartlook to record activities on my website and this is coming mostly from IP , America, from android mobile device, and the referer is same , always 8 seconds only, so I think it is some bot spam scam.


    Ortish – I totally agree with you not to provide a link to your site as it won’t really help.

    I do have the same – my referral traffic under google analytics are showing with 30 sessions in the last week only.



    Hi there,

    If you refuse to tell us on which site’s stats you see that referrer we cannot check it and give you an accurate answer.

    But based on the information you did provide, someone is most likely clicking on a link to your site that appears on a locally-hosted copy of a website. This is not necessarily spam – someone who has previously linked to your site could just be working on a development version of their site and clicked on the existing link to your site from there.

    If you don’t want to see that entry in your referral stats, click the option to mark it as spam and we’ll no longer track referrals from that address in your stats.

    If you’re seeing that IP under referral data in Google Analytics, you need to be asking Google where it’s coming from, not us, as we have no control over what data Google Analytics collects regarding traffic on your site. Same goes for any other tracking plugin used on a self-hosted WordPress site.

    I want to repeat what @wdn2020 said, that this forum is for sites hosted on While we can help here with the stats module for Jetpack-connected sites, we cannot help here with issues related to any other stats plugins or analytics services on self-hosted sites.


    Hi Kokkieh,

    Refusing is not the case – we are just sure that it has nothing to do with a the domain – in my case, this never showed before in my google analytics and it’s just started a week ago, which I believe is the case with Ortish.

    I am not sure if it’s related to the database backup, but if so, why just now it started to show in Google Analytics?

    Ortish, what is your hosting provider? GoDaddy?

    I’ve contacted them and they said nothing wrong from their side, I will contact Google Adwords amd update you shortly.

    Thanks Kokkieh and Wdn2020



    Hi robinlolo290118
    Thanks for the details.
    As you wrote – it’s s just started a week ago.
    My site, as site, dosn’t connect to google analytics.
    it’s appear on the Jetpack stats.
    The domain isn’t GoDaddy. it’s an Israeli supliar.




    we are just sure that it has nothing to do with a the domain

    Be that as it may, stats are site-specific, so to see this referrer appearing in context we’d need to check the stats for a specific site where it appears. The site might not be relevant to the question, but by not giving a site you’re making it harder for us to look into this.

    But all any referrer stat means is that someone clicked on a link to your site that appears at that location, usually a URL, but in this case an IP instead. Beyond that, all we can do is guess – my suggestion about someone working on a staging site is one possibility; some type of bot visiting your site is another.

    Either way, it’s still just indicating a visit coming from a specific location on the web. We have no way of preventing that visit. We can only block that referrer from appearing in your stats, and you should be able to do the same in Google Analytics. But it also doesn’t pose any threat to you/your site.



    I would like to clarify something here… the issue does not seem to be with sites, it’s something that is showing up in analytics. Google Analytics specifically in my case.

    I have found with MULTIPLE client accounts with referral traffic from the address – the local IP along with the “8888” makes me think it’s Google doing it to itself- See “Google Public DNS” as to why I believe this.

    Now, the dates that the referrals came in is interesting too. It started on January 23rd with a burst, then slowed, and has seemingly stopped now by the 28th, but we’ll see what this next week brings. Will update if I figure anything out. Admins, please do NOT remove this topic/content as it’s currently the only resource I could find on this issue out of 3 pages of Google Results. This is a unique issue that MAY need follow up. Thank you!



    Also, Zillionnn Crawler talks about using that exact local address – not sure if this helps with diagnostics.



    Thank you nathandidier !



    These referals happen if you (or someone else, e.g. google) test your site with You wil usually see three referrals within a few seconds. Just try it out.



    @wouter310118, nice find, though keep in mind that’s only one possibility for the origin of these. That IP is commonly used for local website installations, and other services might also use it to ping sites.


    I’m getting those hits, too. Mine shows that it is coming from Mountain View, CA, the visitor is on Merit Network and th ISP is I am actually using Shopify, not WordPress, so I think it is not a WordPress issue. Maybe google web crawlers since is where Google is headquartered?

    But it also shows that it is an Android mobile device using the Chrome browser and every hit registers as a first visit. I thought it was odd so googled it trying to figure out what is going on and came across this thread.

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