New Feature: Domains

  • I know what it’s like when a new feature arrives: you want to try it out right away. Before you run out and register a domain for use with your blog, there are some key things to know about domains and what our system does. I’ll try not to get too technical about it.

    Many of your questions on this topic will be answered in FAQ pages and I may update this posting as well. Ask all you like, but please do not offer commentary or answers on this topic. I will be hovering over the Delete button on this one! :-) Also, I may delete a question once I answer it in an update. Thanks in advance for asking!

    So, here are the basics. Every blog starts off as a subdomain of, such as That subdomain will always be attached to that blog. If you decide to get a new domain for your blog, such as, your old URLs will simply redirect to the equivalent URLs on the new domain.

    For example, visitors to would be automatically redirected to without missing a beat. Old permalinks and bookmarks will still work.

    The same redirection will apply to your feeds but you might want to tell people to update their subscriptions. Most feed readers will happily follow the directions to the new URL but some might not.

    You will be able to use any domain that you already control; you don’t have to register with us. Many people will be happier with other registrars because they offer fine DNS control. If you register a new domain with us, your domain will be usable for your blog only. You will be able to transfer your domain to another registrar, though not in the initial release. Also planned is the ability to register privately, but until that is released your info will be shown in whois lookups.

    Domains registered elsewhere must have their DNS properly configured before they can be connected to a blog. Detailed instructions will be made available but we cannot support the various tools provided by registrars.

    We do not have any plans to offer email hosting. We may offer MX editing so you can host your own email server elsewhere, but that will not be in the initial release.

    Domains registered elsewhere can receive email if you host your own email and DNS and put your blog on a subdomain. Your blog domain will not be able to receive email–at least not in any configurations we will support.

    You can have many domains assigned to one blog. Only one domain will actually host the blog. The others will redirect visitors to the primary domain. You can switch primary domains any time, but I recommend against frequent switching.

    Now, about your Google Juice: it will probably be affected for a short time. I don’t know how quickly a redirected website will gets all of its mojo back from the move, but any search engine worth using should have no trouble respecting the move.

    Until the search engine indexes your new URLs, all of the old URLs in the search results will still work. Visitors to old URLs are redirected to the equivalent new URL.

    Your old XMLRPC gateway should still work.

    The initial release will not allow you to use a subdomain of a domain that is already connected to a blog. So if you use or you cannot use In the near future it will be possible for the owner of the first blog to authorize other blogs.

    Unused subdomains will be redirected by removing subdomains until a known domain is found. In keeping with the examples above, and and will all redirect to If I had used as my domain, would redirect but the behavior of would be undefined.

    If you read this whole thing and you see me in a bar, I’ll buy you a beer! :-)

  • Email and the blog cannot be on the same domain, but the blog can be on a subdomain. So you can have these: (with a CNAME records)
    (email visible only to moderators and staff) (with an MX record)

    Your blog must be on a subdomain if you want to receive email to the domain. In this case, do not set your nameservers to and

  • Regarding “www” and subdomains:

    We will not allow you to map a “www” subdomain. This is because our software automatically redirects any unused subdomain of your blog to your blog.

    If you buy, all of these will redirect to your blog:

    Only one person is permitted to register or map to any one domain, or one of its subdomains. At this time we do not have a way for you to authorize other uses for your domain, so they are all unauthorized. This will change.

  • Guys, the best way to get support isn’t this thread, it’s by contacting support using the feedback tab in your dashboard.

    If you’re not talking to us via feedback we can’t help you or track down any problems.

  • hey …
    watabt i wanna redirect to

    is it possible??

  • No – internal redirects cannot be done.

  • Where do all these strange tags keep coming from in this thread?

    You can’t do internal redirects but you can export out your blog information and import it to a different blog if you want. Take a look at Dashboard -> Manage -> the Export and Import pages for information. Do a search for export as well here in the forums. There’s a number of threads on the subject.

  • I’ll have a Guiness Stout, thank you.

    Thanks for the new feature.


  • Está información la puedo encontrar en español?

  • i would like to ask how can i turn my blog into an earnings is that mean i have to buy my domain that i just apply through worldpress any suggestions will be great i have an idea but i wanna make sure im doing it right…. ty

  • If you want a commercial blog, I think you’ll have to download the software and host it yourself, not just get your own domain name. The advice for that would be at, not here at, which is as I understand it for noncommercial blogs.


  • Gork, please read the thread you just posted in, specially Matt’s post. There are instructions about on what to do if you are having an issue. Please be sure to include specifics so they can see what is occuring.

    Also please do not shout. (Type in ALL CAPS) You don’t see anyone doing so, do you? It’s considered rude many places on the net and is not acceptable here either.

  • I’m getting the following error:
    “Servidor DNS Master :Pesquisa recusada” that means: “Server DNS Master: Denied search”, it is from the master brasilian dns provider, what could be wrong?

  • @stiod
    OOPS! You ought to be sending in a feedback and not posting here. Please look up at what Matt had to say in this thread:

    Guys, the best way to get support isn’t this thread, it’s by contacting support using the feedback tab in your dashboard.
    If you’re not talking to us via feedback we can’t help you or track down any problems.

    Posted: 2006-10-27 08:31:55 #

  • If what raincoaster is saying is true, is there a way for people to get on a VIP list so that they can have more privileges like some other people here on wordpress? And if so, then how do we get on that list?

  • Beliveitornot,

    No, that’s not what Raincoaster is saying. He’s saying that if you plan to have a commercial blog, you’d have to get a webhost and install the WordPress blog software on it rather than sign up for a free blog here.

  • VIP Hosting to answer the question. Not sure what it’s dojng in this thread though.

    Corporate blogs are allowed though.

    Put it this way. If you’re planning on trying to sell stuff through your blog, than is not for you. Been covered in many, many threads already here.

  • Well, I’m sorry for asking this question in the wrong place. I’m new here and I guess I don’t know my way around yet. With so many threads, though, it’s no wonder I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

    Thanks for the link and for the info.

  • Thank you, “soundsinteresting”, for your polite answer.:)

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