New Editor Design: Feedback Thread

  • I agree with Sagepaucity on the post confirmation, I’ve posted in error more than once. And once again ask that settings get moved back away from the browser slider.

  • It’s OK. As always when stuff changes, I was *shocked*, seeing that “This arrangement of pixels is different from how it was arranged last time I was here!!!”, but after staring at the screen for some time, the new look is mostly fine.

    The complaint I do have, is the new layout of the “Blog Posts”-tab. The list of drafts is bigger, and squeezes the post-list to the side, which looks kind of ugly, in my opinion. It would be better if the posts where in the middle, and the drafts weren’t so wide.

  • I agree with most of the stuff said, especially that it should be moved back to the left. Does really not make sense for it to be on the right, as it leaves a vast empty space on the left.

    Would also still argue that it does not make sense that drafts take up that much of the page. Would prefer for it to be almost hidden like it was before.

    I would also agree that we should be given the option to opt-in to any changes before they’re made.

  • @designsimply I logged out, cleared absolutely everything, but the problem still persisted when logging back in.

  • @kelley805

    It is messing up when posted to Facebook and Twitter.

    Can you tell me more about what is happening — are you having problems connecting a new service using the Sharing module in the sidebar?

    @agreenerlifeagreener Which browser are you using when you see this?

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, we’ll pass this on.

  • Taking away the scheduling posts option was unfair.
    This is a little disorienting for people who are so used having settings right in front of their eyes!

  • Hi @pari617, it’s still there on the right. Let us know if you’re having trouble finding that.

  • Hi @agreenerlifeagreenerworld, re: drafts, it sounds like this is a different issue, since this thread is about the actual editor at . It doesn’t display a list of drafts.

    If you’re having trouble with that on a different page, can you open a new thread and add the modlook tag?

  • Thanks @funfakees, can you also post about that in another thread? It sounds like there may be a bug since I’m not seeing the same thing, but this thread is mainly about or

    Let us know in the new thread where you’re seeing this. Thanks!

  • @reed0n and @sagepaucity re: post confirmation, while we wouldn’t want any “are you sure?” prompts to scare people out of posting (people like me would quickly talk ourselves out of ever posting anything) we do have a “pending review” option you can enable, which makes it so you can’t post without un-toggling that option. I want to say you can turn that on by default, too, if you’re interested.

  • @reed0n re:

    You now have the post settings window slider next to the browser slider.

    Can you give us more details on that? I’m not sure what you mean by browser slider… your scroll bar, or do you mean something else? If you can let us know more specifics on how this is causing trouble for you, we’ll get that feedback to our developers. Thank you!

  • @iqatrophie thanks for that screenshot; we’ll get it to our developers.

    Re: the media library not being directly accessible, I think there’s a lot of talk on the decisions behind that, but I will mention it for you.

  • @dlager normally you would insert the image, click on the image, then click the link icon. If that isn’t working for you can you send more details?

  • @larryarcher69 thank you, sorry we missed that. I’m not able to duplicate this: my read more inserts wherever I have my cursor. If you’re still having trouble can you let us know what browser you’re using, etc?

    My text is also flowing around my images as expected, so again if you’re having trouble with that still, send more details. Thanks!

  • I have to agree with @reed0n here. In the Calypso post editor you need to use the scroll bar on the far right to move up and down within the post you’re working on. If you click on “Post Settings” and “More options” you get another scroll bar to reach “Slug” “Excerpt” “Location” etc. Why have two scroll bars so close together?

  • @gemmacevans & @supernovia I do actually think it is related to this thread as it only happened once you updated the Editor. I’m using Chrome and it is the same when logging on to different computers.

  • I’m only speaking on the negatives here.

    There are two scroll bars on the right hand side. The menu scroll bar and the browser scroll bar (expanding on what one of the comment above says). This is a poor design, and not sustainable. May be you guys don’t see it on your mobile, but it looks really bad on the desktop.

    I have also left couple of comments on the news article about this new calypso editor. The sort order of the category list is alphabetical, which is unlike how it is in the Classic editor. The large sized featured image at the top of the screen is useless. The new editor also processes the short code, display-post code, and html table codes in the Visual tab. It then adds and clutters the codes with additional html codes in the html window, cluttering the whole space. This is totally not usable.

    It seems obvious that your designers are either not regularly blogging themselves, or they are designing this thing for mobile phones?

    In general, the amount of time and energy WordPress has spent in redoing the TinyMCE editor over the years, is so unfair to the whole platform development. You started redoing the editor several years ago and you have still not managed to get it right. There has been lots of complaints and lack of adoption. The debate between the mobile and desktop world; the beep beep bop; the right versus left menu….The classic editor still stands as the one most people want to use.

    Thank you for keeping the classic editor as is.

  • In keeping it simple, I simply do not like the new editor AT ALL. I like the real editor, the one where I have the entire lay-out presented in an easy-to-see and therefore easy-to-use manner. It took me long enough to be able to use it effortlessly and now I’m expected to change to a completely different lay-out for no good reason? No, no thank you.

    I do not like and do not use the latest mess of an editor.

    I’ve noticed that things are being changed in such a way as to force users over to this new mess – having to scroll farther and farther down to reach “WP Admin” so I can click that to finally reach the old “homepage” so that I can click to add a new post or page, and yes, I’ve noticed how the align/justify-all button is now mysteriously disappeared from the real editor…(cheap move, y’all)…

    I don’t like how the new editor is laid out, I don’t like how the options are squirreled around in a weird way, and I don’t like feeling that I’m being forced to use it instead of the real editor.

    WordPress was hard to decipher the first time around; don’t go makin’ my life even harder – leave the REAL editor alone (and give me back my align/justify-all button, dangit).

  • It seems to have introduced a load of bugs.

    • Copying a post triggers a bug whereby the image is replaced by a copy of the original picture over and over again each save filling up the media bank. I had to delete 30+ duplicates today.
    • In fact, the editor is almost unusable until you save, quit out and come back again – it fights you on a lot of the changes.
    • Oddly, since this update, comments in the top bar, on site, show a polldaddy .js link has been added to each comment. It is not actually there but that is broken.

    Copying a post give you the scary choice of “overwrite Y/N” which makes it sound like you are about to kill an existing post. That was the case before (I think) but it might be good to be clear what is being overwritten.

    I do not like having my options to the right. Is there any way I can put them back to the left, where I am a lot more comfortable with them?

    This new design feels… I don’t know, not quite as polished. It could be me, but it feels more clumsy to use. I can see what you are trying to do but it might take some getting used to.

  • I work in the Classic Editor, as I don’t like the ‘New’ Editor look and/or layout. I recently noticed that the ‘Justify’ option is no longer available. Are you working on bringing that back? or is it no longer a feature for the Classic Editor?


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