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    Hello there,

    I opened a new blog on WP and I have some problems with the new Editor . For example I don’t found the balise” Read more ” and other things …

    The old Editor was very easier to use and I wish I continue to use it as usually, but I don’t found the ” Tableau de bord ” (in french) on the new Editor .

    To my mind the New Editor is not complete as the old one, so can you tell me how I can use the ” Tableau de bord ” on my new blog ?

    Thank you .

    The blog I need help with is



    … in short, is it possible to put the button “Tableau de bord” ( Dashboard ) on the New editor ? Because there are more features and settings on the old Dashboard .

    Thank you very much .




    If you need an old editor back, there is Classic Editor Pluginand you need to install this plugin to get the old editor.



    Hi there, here on it isn’t necessary to install the Classic Editor plugin in order to use it on your website.

    If your WPcom website is using one of our older themes (like Gazette on, you should be able to open your post or page Editor and on the top right corner you’ll see 3 dots. Click on it. Then in the menu that opens, click on “Switch to Classic Editor” as illustrated in this screenshot.

    If you don’t see that option, please post back in this thread and add a MODLOOK tag to the Tags section in the forum thread sidebar for Staff assistance.

    Please note that Staff presence in the forums will be somewhat limited during this upcoming holiday period. So thanks in advance for your patience.



    Thank you justjennifer and tenchoenyi for this information .

    @justjennifer , Yes I use the Gazette theme .

    But I didn’t explain myself well enough : What I’m looking for is the old “Dashboard“, with a black margin on the left. It is very complete for all features !

    In French : j’ai un autre site WP depuis 2013 et je suis toujours sur l’ancien Tableau de bord avec la marge en noir sur la gauche, donc je trouve que sur le Nouvel Editeur on n’a pas accès à tous les paramètres …
    Mais maintenant ce Tableau de bord n’existe plus sur le Nouvel Editeur, et c’est un problème …

    Merci justjennifer pour votre réponse .



    Hello again, if you don’t see a link to the WP Admin dashboard at the very bottom of the sidebar on you can still get there by adding /wp-admin/ to the end of your site address, so

    Keep in mind that the New Editor is available in the WP Admin dashboard and the Classic Editor is available in the New Dashboard.

    Also, if you would prefer to receive help in French, visit our French language forums at



    Thank you justjennifer ,

    – The French forum sent me here to ask my question :)

    – No, there is no link or button to the Admin WP Dashboard at the bottom of the left sidebar, or anywhere else on the blog .

    Yes, for the moment I add /wp-admin/ at my site address to access the Dashboard , but my question is : how long will the Dashboard be accessible ? Until 2021 ?

    I want to make it clear that I am not opposed to novelty. The New Editor also have advantages, but I would like to find all the functionalities, if it’s possible.

    Thank you justjennifer .



    You’re most welcome, but I also see that @airodyssey, one of the moderators of the French forum, answered your question about how to reach the WP Admin dashboard. No matter, I am glad you were able to successfully resolve this.

    but my question is : how long will the Dashboard be accessible ? Until 2021 ?

    Here I think you may be confusing the Classic Editor, which Staff have said will be available through 2021, and the WP Admin Dashboard. The WP Admin Dashboard is part of the core WordPress software so it should be there in the background. However, as you saw with your new WPcom site, there is no link provided in the new dashboard to reach it.

    As a volunteer moderator, I do not know whether access to the WP Admin will continue to be available. If you would like to pose that question to Staff, you can add the MODLOOK tag to the Tags section of the forum thread sidebar for their attention. Since this week begins the holiday season, their presence may be limited. Thanks in advance for your patience.




    When you click on this red line, it will redirect to Dashboard with a black margin on the left as you said.





    Sorry, I was trying to send screenshots with you but I can’t.





    Thanks @tenchoenyi for adding those screenshots, however new WPcom accounts starting from about 2 years ago do not have the link to WP Admin from the Calypso dashboard. You’ll see it on your sites because your account is older than that.

    If you are interested, I have more info in my post at Remembering WP Admin



    Hello @justjennifer
    Thank you for your information as I didn’t know about that earlier.



    Thank you tenchoenyi for this information :)

    Yes , on my other website opened in 2013 I have the Button who redirects to the Dashboard .

    But the configuration is not the same on the 2nd website I recently created .

    Thank you for your answer :)

    @justjennifer , I’ll read your explanations later today, thank you very much :)



    Ok , thank you justjennifer ,

    if I understood correctly, it is therefor possible that the Dashboard may be kept, but I must ask the Staff again in a few weeks . Ok .

    But in fact, all I need is the set of functions, as they existed before.

    Ok , Thank you very much justjennifer :)

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