Neophyte concerned re difficulty AND domain name linking

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    Decided to start a blog – but I know nothing of html or any other kind of programming for that matter. Is it a mistake to get going with WordPress? .com appears fairly simple; .org seems way over my head. My friends don’t know much more than I do, so cannot advise.

    I did start a blog with TypePad, but I’m disappointed by the simplicity of the end result – maybe I need to be paying more per month, I don’t know, but I can’t see that my thoughts are really that valuable. WordPress seems to have a lot more potential. But does it assume knowledge – or are there sufficient step-by-step instructions on the Web site to walk me through most things? Though I’m eager to learn, my free time is actually pretty limited.

    On the advice of a friend, I went out and bought me a domain name. I think I’m learning that owning a domain name only gives you nothing – is that true? I had wanted to be able to go to my domain, and my blog pops up. Is that possible through this system, or is it a matter of getting web hosting and whatnot on top of that – and am I now obligated to subscribe to that through the same people that “sold” me the domain name?


    Hi and welcome to WP.

    WP is very easy too use and does give you a lot of opportunity to ‘play’ around with your blog. However, if you just register, you can be blooging with the best of them in a matter of minutes. The best advice I can give is to just have a go with it, you can always delete posts. Use the FAQs and these forums, we’re a friendly bunch…on the whole! ;)

    With regard to your domain name, you should be able to point it to another website via a control panel provided by the company you bought the domain through. So when someone types it will go to your blog at

    Having a domain name should also provide you with your own email address e.g. (email redacted) where you can put whatever you want where the x’s are.

    Hope this help.



    I am new to blogging, but not to HTML or web whacking or the Internet. My question is: how does one drive people TO your blog? I don’t get that piece? With no keywords, how are others supposed to ‘find’ your site? It’s probably something obvious, but it’s evading me…?

    [Link fixed – drmike]



    You can use the categories of your Posts as keywords.

    I also did an article on the subject.

    Hope this helps,


    Have a look at my blog (click my name) and the latest post looks at this issue. Some of the comments have been really useful.

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