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    Hi! The company that created our website has closed down, and we have no way of removing logos from it. We need one removed as a matter of urgency as we have legal action against us. Please can someone help

    Site: Unknown
    Jetpack: Unknown
    Correct account: Unknown



    It looks like your site is not hosted with It is a site using the open-source WordPress software (from but hosted elsewhere.

    Because and are two entirely separate entities, we cannot access files or data for sites that are hosted elsewhere, so staff can only assist with sites that are hosted on our servers.

    You can find more information here about the differences between software and

    The forums are a great resource for sites using the open source software, and you can find support for that at:

    You can also reach out to your host for help with this. Since they’re hosting your site’s files, they also have access to those files and could also be able to help you here.

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