Need DNS records for my domain

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    I want to link Office 365 with I need to prove that I own this domain. This is what they suggest:

    I’m using Microsoft Office 365 and would like to use my domain with it, but first Office 365 must verify that I own the domain name. To do this, I need to create a TXT or an MX record for my domain. Because you are my DNS hosting provider, could you please create the record for me? The record needs to include the information shown in the table below.

    Note: You only have to create one of the records and you can choose which one to create.

    Record type (choose one) Alias or Hostname Destination or Points to Address TTL
    TXT @ or MS=ms67006135 1 Hour
    MX @ or 1 Hour

    The blog I need help with is



    Anyone out there? Help please on how to locate my DNS records for WordPress domain so that I can link to Outlook 360. Thank you!

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