My WordPress username has changed to html404!

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    When I am logged in to my site, I see the black band across the top of the page which helps my access the stats, gives me shortcuts to write new posts, etc. On the far right of this strip is my account information. When I hover over my image I see my username, which has changed to html404! It is not possible to change this username back to what it was in the first place as you cannot change usernames. So how it has changed itself in the first place is beyond me. Can anyone help?
    I did update to the latest version of wordpress to see if this helped but it did not.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Just to clarify, your username is still inmyshoestravel. Also, html404 is not registered on yet.

    I am also tagging the post with “modlook” for the staff’s attention.


    Hi inmyshoestravel,

    As @strikebuys mentioned, the username for your account is still inmyshoestravel. You can see confirmation of this on your Account Settings page:

    When I am logged in to my site, I see the black band across the top of the page

    Can you send me a link to the site where you are seeing a reference to html404!?



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    Hello, thank you for the replies but the link you have sent me takes me somewhere with a blue band across the top of the screen. I am talking about when I am in my own site and the band across the top of the screen is black. I’m sorry that I can’t be more specific but I am quite clueless on this topic. Thanks


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    This is where I’m seeing that my username is html404:



    Im having the same issue. Just to expand a little more. I have a selfhosted version of wordpress ( that is tied to a account.

    This morning my client complained she couldn’t access her admin account anymore (for the selfhosted version of wp). When I look in the DB wp_users table, I find out that the username was changed to html404.

    I also noticed that in the multi-site install, I don’t have access to the network setting plugins section.

    I am under the impression the the account and install have been compromised.

    If anybody else have any information on this, it will be very helpful. I’ll try to update as I find more stuff.



    Hi inmyshoestravel,

    Thanks for the link. is a site hosted by HostGator, rather than a There is some information about the differences between the two here:

    We are only able to help with sites on these forums but support for sites is available here:

    If you don’t already see an answer to your question, you can start a new topic :)

    Best of luck getting this sorted.


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    Thanks a lot Gemma, that’s really helpful. I appreciate it.


    You’re very welcome :)



    @alfsaav2014 – thanks for your report!

    my client’s admin account was hacked this morning, same symptom, admin user account name replaced with ‘html404’

    Site is running a selfhosted version of wordpress, 4.9.1, NOT tied to a account.

    I immediately:
    – logged in and confirmed user html404 appeared in user list.
    – opened the html404 user profile in the profile editor
    – logged user out of all sessions
    – changed the user email and password
    – created another admin profile to replace the hacked profile
    – deleted the hacked profile, attributing all its content to the new
    admin profile

    I’m in the process of conducting a forensic analysis on the website access logs. Will post findings on this thread.

    FYI – I was notified of the incursion by an email from the Wordfence plugin which is installed on this site.




    ** forum thread started here: wordpress-admin-username-changed-to-html404

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