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    I received an email from saying my domains are NOT registered and set for transferring to some place ???? I called a number and got a live person who said shows two of my three domains available, and NOT registered. the one domain that is registered is the one that WordPress “mapped” … I registered all three with wordpress last September. The other one showing available is So, can someone highjack my domains from wordpress?

    The blog I need help with is

    #3072256 is hosted by The art site is with Tucows but mapped here via The other site is available because it looks like you haven’t renewed the site since 2016.



    Hi there,

    You only give two domains in your post. What is the third one?

    I can only see two domains in the records for this account, and was first registered with us in 2014, and is currently still active in your account, expiring 18 December. has never been registered with You connected that domain here via a domain mapping upgrade in October 2014, and that upgrade is still active on your account. The domain registration for that domain is not with us, though.

    Based on a Whois search, that domain was registered with Tucows domains on 1 October 2007. It shows as currently still registered with them, and expiring on 1 October 2018. That domain should not be showing as available anywhere, as its registration appears to be active. But you’ll need to contact Tucows for more help with that domain.

    If I try to visit I get an error page, and also cannot find any domain provider with that name via a Google search. A Whois lookup shows that domain is registered with to someone living in South Korea.

    Given that your domain is registered without privacy protection, meaning your personal contact information is visible in the Whois details, the most likely explanation is that these are scammers trying to trick you into paying for a domain you already own.

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