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    I started a new blog and all of the widgets that are supposed to appear are not displaying. I checked again and again that they are supposed to be active in the editing screen (I would have thought it was a problem with my editing, but one time I entered and everything showd properly).
    So if anyone had an idea why does this happen, or can help me.. Thank you very much!

    (The blog adress is: )

    The blog I need help with is



    The detailed theme description for Autofocus is at this link

    There are no widgets displayed on the front page of this theme or on any posts when displayed on their own pages.

    The theme is designed to have widget-enabled sidebars are enabled on all other pages.

    Widget-enabled sidebars are enabled on all pages.
    Single post sidebars will in lieu of widgets show important post metadata.



    Thank you very much for your quick answer!
    That clears things up, but there’s one thing that I still don’t understand- If widget-enabled sidebars can be on all pages, as it says- does that mean that if a widget is edited to be on a sidebar, it should appear? Cause they are in the sidebar menu..
    Or does it mean that there’s no way to have widgets in this theme? And then I’ll change it.
    Many thanks!



    Pages and Posts are not the same at all and I think reading this support doc will clear up the differences for you


    I have been trying to add the amazon widget for recommending books I review. But when I copy the HTML I don´t know where to paste it to. In the widget control page it gives a list of them that I have used. I am only just getting used to using computers. So I don´t know my way around them well. Can you help me please. my blog is



    Your question is off-topic fro this thread.Please use this link to create your own thread



    Are sure your widgets are not in inactive sidebar? Whenever you are adding a widget to your sidebar move them to the active sidebar option before it can appear if your widget is in inactive sidebar option that widget will not appear.


    Hello WordPress Helpers!

    I apologize in advance of my newbie-ness, but I have a similar problem in that none of the widgets are showing up as well as a link to Amazon. What am I not doing right? Thanks in advance and here is my blog:



    isiscolive and timethief, thank you both for your help. eventually I discovered that the theme I chose didn’t allow widgets on posts (only on static pages), so I changed it. I’m writing this also because of ragingtraveler question- I suggest you check if your theme is allowing widgets to appear. If not, maybe you should make your pages static, or change a theme.
    Good luck!


    Thanks for your help! I found the problem was I needed to ‘customize’ the theme; from there was able to add widgets. Thanks!



    You’re welcome.

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