My "Top Rated" widget stopped working

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    When you scroll down on my blog, there are a couple of widgets that I really like and use since many years. They all are still working except the “Top Rated” article widget as I discovered today. The box is now just empty, no top rated articles in that widget. Can you please fix this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Odd… that widget was deprecated a few years ago. Do you remember when it was last working?


    Yes. I don’t always scroll to the bottom but I definitely saw it last month working. It worked all those years. It must have stopped to work a couple of weeks ago.

    I know that this thing was phased out. Back then I edited the widget and it stopped working. I contacted support at that time and they told me back then that they can enable it for me again but I shouldn’t edit it, because it would again stop working since it’s a phased out widget.

    So, all those years I lived with the fact that it’s still working, but that I should never edit the widget because it woudld disappear :) And I never did.

    That worked until last month as said. I never touched it, but now it disappeared.



    Yes, probably.



    Hi Dennis,

    The Top Rated widget relies on information from the website to work.

    As you can see from the post @supernovia linked to above, no longer exists, so that would explain why the widget no longer works.

    I’ve reported this to our developers and asked if the widget can be updated to query the new domain, but as this widget was retired over two years ago you should probably prepare yourself for the possibility that this isn’t going to happen.

    I’ll let you know what our developers say.


    Thank you. That would be great. I hope they can do that. It was an essential part of my blog since I had ratings activated on every post. Together with the “Most Likes” and “Most Viewed” widget, it was a great way to show what type of content is trendy on my site.

    I hope they can restore the “Top Rated” widget. Thanks for reporting it to the developers.



    Any time. I actually just got a ping from someone that they’ll look into it, so hopefully it won’t be too long before I can give you an answer.


    I just noticed the widget works again. However worked on this, thanks for that! Also thanks to you kokkieh for forwading :)

    Best Greetings from Germany!



    Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for letting us know the widget is working again now. I’ll pass your thanks on to our developers :)

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