My theme has just "retired"… should I worry?

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    Hi there,

    Using Affinity as a free theme for my small website but I have just noticed the theme has retired !!! Well, it’s no longer available and supported I guess.

    My site looks to be fine so far but what are the risks for the future ?

    Thx for your advice,

    PS : it was such a great theme, what a pitty!

    The blog I need help with is


    I wouldn’t panic. Although new users can no longer activate the theme you should be able to continue to use it for some time yet. My theme was retired years ago but still functions well enough for me. retire themes regularly these days. Sometimes they’re replaced with a newer version. Sometimes they are retired because there may be an issue with compatibility with some of the new bells and whistles regularly added to the dashboard and/or the new Block editor. Very old themes do have issues now with search engines though.
    At some point in the future if we want our sites to continue to display on the Interweb via PCs, mobile phones or implants in our palms we’ll all have to move to a theme that works with the Block editor, Google, smart TVs or whatever next generation new nightmare wordpress dashboard awaits us. Lets hope it’s not for a long while yet……..


    Thanks themagicrobot, I feel much safer now, at least until I will have to get implants in my palm…

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