my site is gone!

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    I added a footer on my home page with a link and now I can’t pull up the site at all! Tried from multiple computers! HELP!!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, is the site you need help with or are you referring to a different site?

    If you need help with a site using the open source WordPress (org) software you’ll want to head over to where they likely have more experience with the type of issue you are having. If you don’t have a username on the ORG forums you can register one on that page. I also suggest first searching the forums there for a similar issue before posting. You might also be able to receive assistance from your web hosting provider.

    Just to clarify, this support forum assists users of WordPressdotcom hosted sites. Standalone WordPress (org) and WordPressdotcom (where we are) are different entities with separate documentation and support forums; more information about the differences:

    If you are referring to a site hosted on WordPressdotcom (where we are) please give us the site address.

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