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    I recently changed my website URL. I still keep the old name but the new name is my primary domain.
    My website is hosting a podcast and since I changed my URL, my podcast is not uploading on Spotify or Google podcasts as it ussually was.
    I contacted the Spotify team and they told me this:

    We’re afraid we’re still receiving an error from our system that states your server is responding with an HTML page rather than an RSS feed in XML format.

    It looks like your feed contains HTML formatting that we don’t currently support. We suggest checking out any online feed validators that you may find.

    I have no idea on how to fix this issue. I don’t know how to find and correct this error….can someone help please?
    I can do some things on my website but I am not an expert….
    Thanks in advance.



    I don’t see any sites under your account here.

    What is the URL of the site with the problem?


    My URL is
    it used to be but I have recently changed my domain.



    Hi there,

    You’re in the wrong forum. Your site is using the open-source WordPress software and therefore you need to seek help at these forums:

    These forums are for hosted sites only. If you want to know more about the differences between and the WordPress software you can read this document:

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