My original blog articles are stolen and are used by spamners to drive traffic

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    I run the blog on WP since 2012. Here it is
    I used to run this blog under domain name. It had traffic.
    But the domain expired out of my negligence to renew it, and chinese company bought it. So now they are creating numerous websites, where they post my original articles, signed Sofia Siberia, which i wrote in years 2012-2014, and they post the links there under my stolen posts that redirect readers to their spam sites – all in Chinese language, with completely unrelated content both to me, author of these posts, and my blog!
    I understand, WP might not be able to stop them, but I as original author of these posts need to react somehow to protect my articles from being used and abused by spammers.
    Where do I go with this? Please, help,
    Any advice will be appreciated. What do I do?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello, I am sorry to hear of your troubles. Much depends on the copyright infringement laws in your country. Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, you could file a DMCA take-down notice with the current host of that domain or any other domain infringing your content. Here is general information about copyright infringement and what you can do:

    You can look up the web host of any domain on this website:

    If those copycat sites are also running Google’s Adsence advertising, you can report them to Google.

    Hope you are able to resolve this quickly and satisfactorily.



    Thank you for your insights! Appreciate. I will try to get Google’s staff help on that. The problem is that domain squatters who got my expired domain keep creating new sites every day, where they publish my post which they copied from my blog while it was still hosted under that domain. They use my name and articles to redirect viewers now to false unrelated content, in order to build traffic etc.
    I literally will have to be reporting spam url’s to Google, which appear new every day, all featuring my articles and name for their prior high visibility.
    Thank you for tips.
    If anything more can be adviced, i will appreciate.

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