My Main Blog Was Deleted

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    Some How My Main Blog Got Deleted The Written Word

    Yesterday, it had some how been turned to “Private”… And Today it’s been Deleted… I contacted someone, but they said he was deleted 38 minutes ago, and has to be confirmed via E-mail

    First of all, I didn’t Delete it… It had over 260 Posts on it, and over 8 Months of Work

    Secondly, I certainly didn’t Confirm it being Deleted

    What’s going on?

    I know this is a Free Service, but any Help you can Give I’d surely Appreciate it


    The blog I need help with is


    It’s there now – I just clicked on it from your link.



    I was deleted, I saw it myself. Either someone is screwing with his blog or WP is screwed.


    WP are doing more work, as usual. It’s probably that. Or maybe everyone’s screwed.


    I have been having serious problems today.

    I think they are having gremlin issues ….


    I just checked your blog…. it is there for now …. and mine might make it the night …..

    How do I back up my blog?

    This is not funny anymore ….



    It’s coming up fine for me.

    1) Change your password

    2) if you do post by email, change your email password

    3) contact staff from your dashboard with all the details.



    This was just an issue with the blog itself. The blog was deleted by the user account and the deletion was confirmed by the user’s email address.



    Yeah, it’s fixed now… I didn’t Delete it, or Confirm it, so I have no idea how this happened… No one has any of my Info., WP, or E-mail Info… I don’t give it to anyone… But I did change My Password on Both WP, and My E-mail

    I don’t Post From My E-mail, I’m not even quite sure what that means, lol

    Thanks for your help




    You’re welcome!

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