My blog does not display correctly on smartphones

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    Hi there. I come back to you because yesterday, I had a problem with my website BrandNewsBlog that did not display correctly : there was a secondary sidebar that had appeared suddenly on all the pages of my blog layout and it was very annoying. Your team of happiness engineer solved that problem brilliantly and rapidly, by modifying a few CSS code (see previous exchanges) and I was very happy with that correction. BUT just one additional request today : after a quick check, the blog now does not display correctly on smartphones (I did not test with my iPad but I imagine it’s the same) : due to the CSS modification you did certainly, there is a white column that appear on the right when my blog is displayed on smartphone and that was not the case before : could you keep the CSS modification that you made yesterday ans that was perfect, but just ensure the brandnewsblog display correctly on smartphones and tablets now ? There is certainly a very quick operation to ensure or your CSS correction “mobile-friendly”, please :) Thank you a lot in advance ! Best regards, HervĂ© Monier

    The blog I need help with is


    Hello there, Hervé!

    Dropping this code in your custom CSS area should do the trick:

    .mobile-theme #content {
    	width: 100%;

    Let me know if that isn’t what you were looking for!


    Great! Thanks a lot Sage! :-) That worked perfectly :-) !


    No worries, glad to hear it!



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    Hi there!

    Would you mind opening a new thread here ? That way the right people can help you with your request :)


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