my already owned domain was assigned to a wrong site name.

  • a few days ago i upgraded my free account to a paid account in order to direct my already existing domain with another registrar to wordpress. my domain however was assigned to a new and unexpected site name that i did not request. there actually were 2 new unexpected and not wanted names that were created. I also have an old name that i thought was deleted but apparently still exists.

    I wold like to have the 3 wrong names deleted and have my existing domain connected to my above indicated site name. Yes
    Jetpack: No
    Correct account: Yes

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hello –

    Thanks for writing to us. Are you able to sign in to the other account? If so, you’ll be able to access our live chat support team via if not, just write back to me here with the domain name you registered, and then also the ones that need deleted. Rest assured, those aren’t detracting from your site in any way and are more of an item for us to help you tidy up on the account.

  • Hello, Thanks. I’ve been trying to contact support and in the mean time I continued to see if I could figure things out. I have a domain registered elsewhere and trying to use here. That domain ( seemed to be linked to one of the wrong website names I mentioned above – that appeared out of nowhere. I believe I figured out how to delete those unwanted site names and now only have my domain and

    That much seems correct, but I can’t figure out if these are properly linked. To me they seem completely separate as if they are to sites that have nothing to do with each other. Is this how it is supposed to appear?

    I’ve tried to proceed with setting up/ designing layout and located a video that seemed helpful for doing this, however when I attempted a step, (clicking on “settings” and then “reading” to choose static home page or the other), the options only offered “sample” and not the option of which type of home page I wanted. There was nothing in the video about a “sample” option.

    I have a hard time navigating here, and each time I would attempt to follow the instructions, the video would vanish. Then I would have to go through the ordeal of relocating the video to try and figure out what I was doing wrong. That eventually led me to just repeating the same process without being able to solve the problem.

    It also makes me think that there is still something basically wrong with the initial setup. I see that I have many questions that pertain to many steps along the way, that the videos might assist with but it takes great effort even finding the videos or refinding them when they vanish, and if I send a message with a question to support, the wait for a reply takes a long time.

    If I have to spend a day or two waiting for a reply, just to answer one question pertaining to only one step of a process, in a process that takes a few steps, then it could take a week or two just to accomplish one step in setting up my site, but for me that really disrupts continuity and I lose track of where I am in the process at all. It is getting very frustrating. And since I am not sure if what I have done so far is even correct, proceeding may be a waste of time if the two site names I have are not set up correctly in terms of being linked and I may have to start all over.

    my original wordpress account site name is:

    and the domain I already own and want to use here is called .

    These are the only sites I want in my WordPress account.

    I hope you can help me verify if anything I’ve done so far is correct and maybe tell me how I can keep a video available until I complete a setup process. I’m really frustrated and confused.


  • Hello there,

    Thank you for that information.

    I think I can see where the confusion has arisen. It looks like you may have connected the domain to a different (unwanted site on the account).

    To help us resolve this for you – do you wish to use with

    Many thanks in advance!

  • yes, you are right, and cautiously i did attempt and maybe succeded in deleting those those unwanted site names. (they were both strange variations on the dogagog idea). and if you see my reply right above (left this morning) i have been having issues that followed that confound me! thanks.

  • SOME ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: i have progressed a bit,(i think/i hope. i downloaded jetpack). i still don’t understand things and hopefully i am learning. it is difficult for me to explain what i will try to explain but in jetpack i saw that my registered free account is one of those erroneous dogagog variations that i already deleted. this is what makes me think i’ve done things wrong. also, i am not sure if my primary domain should be or . with the other in either case being the one “linked”. at any rate it should not be anything else other than the two i mentioned here. how can the wrong one still be showing if i deleted it yesterday?

  • Hello there,

    Understood. :)

    Is that a yes to…?

    do you wish to use with

    Once confirmed, we can work some magic on our end get this cleaned up for you. :)

  • Hey there,

    Many thanks!

    I’ve moved the personal plan and the domain connection from to for you.

    You should be seeing under the domain:

    Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

  • HI,

    thanks. i just checked and is still linked to that site and not

    also doesn’t seem to be there at all now.

  • hi, i thought i replied to this earlier but i don’t see my reply here now. my sites are still not showing up right. the erroneous site is still showing and i now can’t find the original site that i’ve had for several years. i only want the original site and the domain that i own, Hoping that this can all be resolved soon.



  • Hi @thepowerofdandelions ,

    also doesn’t seem to be there at all now.

    Right now that is under the domain When I pull up it shows me the site for THEPOWEROFDANDELIONS. Is that what you see too? If not, would you be willing to get a screenshot of what you see?

    And if it is what you see but not what you want, can you clarify? Let us know your goals with regard to the domain and the site and we’ll help you sort it out.

  • Oh, I should add too: it’s possible your browser is “stuck” with the old settings. Clearing your cache, closing the browser, and re-opening it could sort this out.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply.

    What I presently see is “thepowerofdandelions” with “” under it. i don’t think i can access any of the older content in “” that i’ve had for several years.

    My main goal is to have a website / domain called “”, since previously i’ve had this site through Weebly and I want to keep it going here on WordPress and also have it living with “”. I have been having much difficulty in understanding and achieving how to get this to work.

    The history of my site is that i have had this as a free site on WordPress since 2014, (i recently changed its name from clewshad – a name i do not want anymore).

    I upgraded my free “” account to a paid account in order to achieve the above mentioned goal. And i do want to keep all the content and name of this “” site as well. I do not understand if this is a site that must be invisible or if I can have both and “” searchable, findable and visible.

    I hope having these sites in this way is possible.

    (and i do want to add that i see the site as still existing even though i deleted it). I don’t know where that name came from and i do not want it. I would like it to be deleted.



  • it appears that all my old content from thepowerofdandelions site is missing from 2014 to present. i really hope that this can be retrieved.

  • sorry, i forgot – i do not see a way to attach a screenshot here. but can provide if you let me know how.

  • Hi,

    The history of my site is that i have had this as a free site on WordPress since 2014, (i recently changed its name from clewshad – a name i do not want anymore).

    Thanks. That history is helpful. Could you look in your email or social media posts and find a link to one of the old blog posts, then send it our way? That will also greatly help in getting to the bottom of this.

  • Oh, and re: adding images, I don’t need it now since we are seeing the same thing, but you could use the plus sign, or type /image on its own line.

  • i could not find anything in emails but i did locate a friend’s site on wordpress where i left a comment under the name clewshad. i recently changed the name of clewshad to thepowerofdandelions.

    image to follow

  • here is an image of a friends site that i left a comment on. my name (clewshad) is on the right side with an avatar that i just placed in the past day or two of a bunch of dandelions. but the comment is from may 2022. i recently changed the name clewshad to thepowerofdandelions. and another image below with the comment i left there.

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