Multi Supplier Sorting?

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    Question: We want to be able to put products in our store from a number of suppliers. We don’t store products but instead have the supplier drop ship them for us. This is not like an eBay.  We are one store and the sole seller. We just have a number of sources/suppliers/vendors where we get our products. Since we have them drop ship for us we just need a way to track all this in the back end.
    Example: Order comes in for 3 products. The three products come from 3 different vendors. We then need to send each of the vendors and email with the wholesale price and shipping info so they can process the order and drop ship them to the customer. We will get an email back from the vendor with the product shipping tracking info. We then need to notify the customer – this might include 3 separate tracking URLs.
    Do you know of any carts or word press add-ons that can handle our situation?



    I’m sorry but what’s here (Ecwid, Shopify or Gumroad) are all that is available under the Business upgrade here at WordPress.COM where upgrades apply only to blogs hosted by wordpress.COM. You need to have a wordpress.ORG site on paid hosting https://wordpress.ORG/hosting to run woocommerce. You cannot run it on a wordpress.COM hosted blog.

    Otherwise, provided you are selling only what you yourself make or a service that you personally provide you have two options.

    (1) PayPal – Know that the only instructions that will work for posting a PayPal donation button on a blog are found here

    Some bloggers create a contact form on a page and after the people have made a PayPal donation they provide the link to a private page for downloading files. Maybe that will work for you.

    (2) eCommerce site link- If you have set up an eCommerce site somewhere else online you can create a custom menu and include a custom link to that site in it.

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