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    I have 2 sites that I have been working on. I am still pretty new to wordpress, but not sure how to handle the current task at hand. I have a site I have been working on, on my server while waiting for the domain name to transfer from GoDaddy to Bluehost (long story). I already have other sites of mine that I host on the server, and so for the time being I have one of my current project sites located somewhere like domain1/somefolder/wordpress_installed_here
    Then the other site is in the same situation but different domain

    The domains have now transferred and I need to create the folders on the server that those sites will reside. What I dont know is, how do I backup a “site” that I’ve been working on that resides in domain1 (or domain2)/somefolder/wordpress_installed_here
    and then move it to the domain3 folder I’ll create in the root directory for

    Since I will need to backup the folder and the db and whatever else is needed for a wordpress site, does a move from a subfolder to a root folder have any effect on the stuff in the db or any of the images? Am I going to have to just rebuild? Is that going to be faster or is there a good way to do this and have it work after the move?

    Any help would be much appreciated
    Thank you


    If that’s a little complicated let me know and I’ll try to clear it up the best I can. :)

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