Moving my domain and emails to WordPress

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    My domain is registered with a particular registrar which includes 05 business emails. Since I now have the need to make a website, I am confused if I transfer my domain away from my current registrar to WordPress, will I still have acess of the emails and what will be the cost for its usage.
    Also what are the other probable options I have with an elaborate cost breakdown?



    Hi there,

    We do not provide email hosting on

    If you transfer or map the domain to us, you can set up the DNS records required to keep the domain connected to your current email provider. There is no cost on our end for connecting an email, but in order to connect or transfer the domain itself you’ll need to be on one of our paid plans. You’ll still pay your email provider directly for the service they provide to you.

    Please contact your current provider to confirm if you’re still be able to use their email service if you transfer or point the domain away from them.




    So how many emails can I add to my WordPress website?



    Hi there,

    As much as your current email provider allows you.



    Okay great! Thanks!

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