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    With this new block editor i cannot find out how to move a page to appear under a parent page – I’m desperate for help please.


    Hi there,

    You can set the hierarchy of pages in the page attributes section found in your editor toolbar. Click the gear icon in the top right corner if the toolbar is not showing by default. You should be able to see something like this

    Let me know if you come right with this ;)


    Thanks for getting back to me about my question.   
    My problem is -I found this page you have shown me whilst I was waiting for a reply BUT… try what I may it does not show up on the drop-down menu under the parent page.   It only shows the one I added last month using the original classic editor.   

    This is what it looks like but it is not showing up on the drop down menu

    If you visit my site you will see what I mean …it only shows the first subpage / child page & not the one of today.

    I had the same screen as you sent me minus the template part yours shows …

    Does the “order” matter or is it okay to leave it blank?

    Take a look at my blog so that you can see what happens when one clicks on the tab with the drop down menu if you don’t mind

    Any further advice would really be appreciated.
    Thank you so much




    @Day Ashton,

    Hi. The fact that you’ve published a page that doesn’t appear in the navigation menu indicates that the menu is a custom menu. Only pages created as top-level page may be added automatically to a custom menu. For pages created as child pages, you’ll have to add them manually to the menu as described in the Add Menu Items section of the Site Menus support page.

    Does the “order” matter or is it okay to leave it blank?

    As indicated in the Page Order section of the Page Attributes support page:

    You can change the order that your pages are displayed when using a default menu by using the Order field of the Page Attributes module.

    Step-by-step instructions are provided there. However, page order is irrelevant regarding the present issue, which is that (links to) child pages are not automatically added to a custom menu.


    hi @daysmeditations

    Did you manage to get this fixed? I see your menu still has one subpage. Let us know if you need further clarification.


    Thanks folks – got it working fine now! Thanks for all the advice – greatly appreciated!!



    Glad to help! : )

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