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    Hey, I’m wondering if it’s possible I could move my stats, posts and tags from the blog to

    If it was possible would it mess up stats on both blogs?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    How it works with stats is that they’re merged. So the stats won’t disappear from, but they’ll be added to any existing stats already on

    Additionally, this will only work if you’ve also moved your content – posts and pages – over to the new site. Stats are tied to content, so if the same content doesn’t exist on the new site, the stats for that content also won’t display on the new site.

    Please confirm if you want us to go ahead with this for you.

    If you have existing followers on the the old site we can move them over for you as well. In that case they’ll be removed from the old site and only be subscribed to the new one.



    Just re-read your question.

    To move your posts you can export/import them:



    Thank you I would like to go ahead and move all content from my old blog to my new blog, I would like to keep my posts on my new blog still.



    I would like to go ahead and move all content from my old blog to my new blog

    Okay, please follow the steps in the export and import pages I linked to above to do that. Once you’ve finished importing the content to the new site, let us know here and we can also move the stats for you.

    I would like to keep my posts on my new blog still.

    Exporting content from the old site will not remove it from that site. The only way that can happen is if you manually delete it from the old site.



    I have moved all of my posts from my old blog to my new blog, can the stats be moved now? Can I also put the old blog as private or will that effect the new blog?



    I have merged your stats as requested.

    You can safely set the old site to private, in fact we recommend it. :)



    Hi Folks,

    We just migrated from


    and although Ipve done somne basic tidying up including converting some pages to posts I’m hoping we too can migrate our stats tot he new site.

    As you’ll likely have detected we’ve moved from free to hosted so I can also provide the details of the other two admins as requioerd.

    Thank you!!!





    Please open your own support request for help with this at, or, as you’re migrating to a self-hosted WordPress site using Jetpack, it would be even better to open a support ticket with Jetpack instead at

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