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    1.i already have one website made by wordpress but with open codes, downloaded from how can i transfer my presence website faster ?
    2.if the can offer the security protect for my website ?since i found out Malicious link in the presence website and it’s difficult for us to solove it ,that’s why we plan to buy the plan from now.
    3.i am interest in the eCommerce plan now . but i want to confirm if i can choose the theme and plug as i like .such as flatsome , wpml, all import ´╝či am familar with these now.



    Hi @funnychan877, we can certainly help you keep your site safely maintained!

    It does sound like perhaps some plugin or theme was not properly maintained, though, or you likely wouldn’t have a malicious link. So I can’t promise that offending theme or plugin would work here.

    Rather than having you list all themes and plugins here, here’s what I recommend:

    – Get the plan

    – Open a support chat or direct email so you can send a full list of what you’re using. Our support team can check on those for you and also advise the best way to get everything imported.

    If you aren’t happy, you can always get a full refund within 30 days, as long as you don’t buy a new domain or transfer in your existing one. If you do transfer a domain, we add a year to its registration and need to charge for that (even if you point the domain somewhere else right away), but we could still refund the rest.

    Hoping that helps!

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