More tag fixed?

  • Is it my imagination or has the more tag been finally fixed, i.e., it no longer cuts off the posts in the RSS feed? If so, kudos to the staff for fixing this vexing problem!

    And if the fix was inadvertent – leave it :)

  • Yes, there was a change made yesterday. Glad you like it!

  • Yee haw! And I see that the FAQ has been fixed (the warning removed). Man, this has been a long time in coming and yes, I’m totally pleased!

  • Cutting my posts to the feeds with more tag was an extra option for me and it worked really fine as long as i had the chance to use it.I ‘m really surprised you call this change a “fix”.This was an extra option i no longer have.Maybe i’m a weirdo.Thank you.

  • Chrisy I agree with you. The more tag allowed us to choose what the readers could see in an RSS feed and then the choice was theirs if they wanted to read more. The more tag also drove a lot more traffic to our page as readers couldn’t get the whole “scoop” from the RSS feeds alone. I would hardly call this a fix. If you don’t want your blog posts cut off in the RSS feeds, simply don’t use the more tag. =(

  • Staff says that setting your feed to “Summary” will still work, although there is at least one blogger around who says it doesn’t. Try; it’s on the Options –> Reading page

  • Thanks Bonnieclyde!My point exactly.We had 3 options,summary,more tag to cut a post in a feed,no tag at all=full post.Now we have 2,so that’s not fix ,sorry, but an option less.And i thought i was weird.Plus,you’re absolutely right about choices.I used to put an introductive text and an image before the cut and it was up to my readers if they wanted to continue reading “inside ” the blog.As for the traffic,of course it’s down.When you buy a magazine you just see an ad on tv or the front page in store,or the most u can do is a quick look inside.If the store owner allowed you to sit in store and read it all,nobody would buy anything from him.Haha!And that’s exactly what’s happenning now.You don’t know if people wanna read your blog,cause they’ve read your post already in a feed.
    Raincoaster,thanks for the alternative,but summary in wordpress allows some text,no image at all,not even the post’s title (displays just my name).
    Thank you.

  • The ability to use the more tag not to clutter the entry page and still have the full feed is a great improvement: self hosted wordpress blog solved it with a plugin, we had to stop using the more tag. I’m happy this was fixed. Finally my readers will stop complaining and I’ll be able to profit from many services relying on the full feed!

  • How it is now is as it was before. This is a change back, not a break.

  • A change back, aka a step backwards. If you’re going to revoke an option once used and depended on by bloggers you should at least make it optional. I for one want the RSS feed to show what I deem it should show with the <–more–> tag and that choice should be mine. Afterall isn’t that what the more tag is for? Please make it optional whether the more tag shows a truncated post on the feed, or the whole thing. One or the other clearly isn’t working for all bloggers.

  • I agree with bonnieclyde and crisyjewell. Because I write long posts when folks use my RSS on their Live Journal Friends page, it knocks everyone else off the page – not a good thing for community spirit.

    I thought I had broken something before I found this thread. I’d love to have the option to put it back the way it was. The “More” tag worked great.

  • If the summary stuff isn’t working correctly, why not send feedback?

    As I understood it when the more tag issue was originally discussed, we were about the only blogging platform that had the more tag cut off the entire post. I’ve been waiting for this change for almost two years!

  • As mentioned previously, the summary fucntion isn’t suitable for blogs which use pictures. Our blog, as well as Chrisy’s are fashion blogs and the picture, along with text, serve to entice the readers of the feeds to click on our blog for more information including the clothes that are worn and where they can get them. Summary gives a pre-determined amount of text which we have no control over and does not provide a picture. Therefore making it just as useless, if not more, than posting the entire article. From what I can tell this group of bloggers is divided, so it would make good sense and only be fair to make truncating posts on feeds with the <–more–> tag optional. Change is good, changing back and calling it a “fix”…not so much.

  • bonnieclyde, that’s what that box “optional excerpt” is there for: put in there the part of the post (with pictures) you’d like to appear in the excerpt and there you have your pictures. Still: many of my readers find it time-consuming having to visit the blog to read the rest of the post; I even know some who’d unsubscribe from the feed because of it. It is a fix, if you consider that somebody out there developed a plugin as workaround for self hosted blogs.

  • Mine is not a self-hosted blog so I’m somewhat at the mercy of wordpress here. Why couldn’t it just remain a plugin then, at least then it would be optional would it not?
    I don’t think the ‘pro full text on feeds’ team is hearing the options part of what i’m saying. I’m not saying revert back entirely, but in order to satisfy two distinct groups of bloggers with obviously different needs the choice should be there as to how the <–more–> tag gets used on feeds.

  • Also, I’m relatively new to the blog scene on wordpress so if you could give a little more instruction on where to find the “optional excerpt” function that would be appreciated. If it works as you’ve described on the feeds this could be the answer I’ve been looking for.

  • Optional excerpt is below the upload area on the write post page.

  • Poo. I thought that this was broken rather than fixed until I read this too. I much preferred it the broken way. Why have a ‘more’ tag if it no longer truncates the post? Will try the ‘optional excerpt’ option.

  • Hi5.
    Saj please let me know how the optional excerpt option works for you.

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