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    I’ve been trying to add a small direct sales shop to what is primarily a web portal for retail stockists of greeting cards. I thought this would be viable on a premium site as it does list ‘monitizing your site’ as a feature of the package, but beyond adding a seperate ‘Simple Payment’ button for every item it’s not. Adding some sort of Woocommerce functionality at this level – either integrated or as a widget – would seem reasonable, as an upgrade to a business plan means almost 3x the monthly payment, which is one hell of a jump. Woocommerce is free / open source, but being a plug in rather than integrated feature rules it out for premium users, and html code restrictions block premium using other options like shopify.

    In 2019 this kind of functionality is pretty-much a basic requirement, so how about it, WordPress?

    The blog I need help with is 2fsdesign.com.



    I think what you need is self hosted WordPress.

    Those features are not available on base plans of WordPress.com.



    Thanks for reply stwnigel –
    I’m starting to think the same, but don’t really want to go that route unless I have to. TBH I didn’t realise a ‘premium’ plan was a ‘base’ plan – the term ‘premium’ used to mean something else back in the days before ‘regular’ meant ‘small’, large meant ‘medium’, and supersize meant ‘large’. Ah well, that’s inflation for you…

    Anyhow, going self-hosted aside, do you have any thoughts on my original message? As I’ve said, a ‘shop’ is becoming an important part of most websites (even bloggers want to sell their poetry pamphlets and e-books!), and looking at the web-builder competition most of them include shopfronts in even their basic paid plans. WordPress has a huge advantage at the moment because most web designers have used it as a base model for years and it was first into the market, but the times they are a changin’. Do you remember when McDonalds used to laugh at Subway etc, or the major supermarkets turned their noses up at the likes of Aldi and Lidl?

    Thanks again for taking the time to reply.



    Please don’t create multiple topics on the same issue. We’ve already replied to you in https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/monetizing-a-premium-site/, and I’ve explained there why we don’t integrate something like this in the Premium Plan.

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