Modularity Lite – changing linked page for images

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    I cannot see how to change the page that my image is attached to, I’ve looked in the media library, the image edit page, and the slideshow section. Does anyone know where to edit the link so I can attach my image to a different page?

    The blog I need help with is


    If you hover over the image in your post editor, and click the edit image option (looks like a little picture) you should see this screen pop up:

    There you can enter a custom URL in the Link URL box, just be sure to click update once you are done.

    Also when adding new images to a post you can set a custom URL, just look for the Attachment Display settings in the right column:



    I appreciate your response, however this isn’t working for me. I simply want to change the page that the image is associated with. Your edit image page looks different than mine, I don’t have the Link URL block on my Edit Media page.

    Other than deleting the image entirely and re-adding it to another page is there a way to accomplish this?


    We might be talking about a different screen, are you getting there by clicking on the image in the post editor like this:

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