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    I spent some time collating a how-to for creating the front page the same as the demo (plus the possibility of using image widget instead) in a post –

    @staff – this thread can be closed – the OP’s original question has been resolved and answered.


    Don Charisma



    Yes, thank you @doncharisma + @grinnpidgeon. Your solutions worked wonderfully.

    As a side note, I have found that for my purposes, just “adding media” to each page, then selecting the Gallery Settings to suit my needs works fairly well and though I’m working out the overall layout of my site…I’m definitely liking the way it’s looking. Thank you again.



    Hi @doncharisma, firstly a million times thank-you for your help, I stumbled across your step by step guide for the Front Page Sela theme layout (the three grids below), easy to follow, and I did it!

    Next step is how can I link the three grids on my homepage to its respective pages?

    And on another note can I create pages and assign them to my categories in my menu bar, I’m really struggling with this.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thank-you in advance.



    @onebrise – I had a look at your site, wasn’t sure exactly what you want to do, so I’ll give a couple of options that seem like they might solve the problem !

    For the home page you could also use “Grid Page”, it would look similar to my portfolio site’s page –

    This would mean the page you call “Home”, would need to have it’s “Page Attributes” ( ) changed to “Grid Page”.

    Then all the Sub-Pages would need to be child pages of the page you call “Home”. You can have as many “Grids” ie child pages as you want.

    I think you can change the length of text for each page in the grid by using excerpts.

    ANOTHER option would to set it up as I detailed … and then stack the text widgets, to generate as many grid elements as you want. Provided the images are the same aspect ratio, and text is the same length they should line up. If you don’t want text you can use an image widget.

    FOR menus you should be able to make them pretty much how you want them to be. Each category page has it’s own link/URL – yourblogname/category/i-am-a-category … so you could use custom URLs for each category you want to put on your menu

    OR you can use category menu items to achieve the same thing !

    Category pages are fixed in the theme, that is the theme generates them for you, so they aren’t very customizable.

    On my blog I use category pages on the “BLOG” menu item – . “BLOG” links to a page, the pulldown menu has “sub items” which are mostly category pages.

    Hope this helps, let me know if you’re still stuck :)


    Don Charisma



    Hi again @doncharisma,

    Thank-you so much for all your help, I’m starting to get a hang of things, slowly but surely (and mostly thanks to your guides) but I’m getting there.

    I’m just stuck on a few other things.

    Could you possibly explain how to insert or create space (for what I can only imagine are widgets) on your pages (main categories) shown on your menu bar and the grids on the Front Page.

    For example on your ‘The trouble with page me’ page, you have images with text (Mcdonalds) which once you click on them open up to its relevant page. I really hope I’m making sense, apologies if not.

    Basically, on the menu bar at the top of the front page I have three categories, all of which have sub-categories. I want to display (with images) the sub-categories on the page which is opened once you click on the main menu categories, is this possible?

    Once again, thank-you in advance



    @onebrise – You’re welcome … yes it is possible !

    For my “The Trouble With Me” page I used a “Grid Page” (see the Template box in Page Attributes on the left hand side of the editor). This page is the parent page.

    Then “McDonalds” is a child page (see the Parent box in Page Attributes on the left hand side of the editor, select page “The Trouble With Me”)

    Both pages have “Featured images” which is how WordPress knows the images to show.

    In your case for “LE 64” would become the parent page of type Grid. Then you’d need to setup child pages for les-classiques, nouveaute and les-spots-to-be-et-quand (for instance).

    What I would suggest is setup all the pages with “Lorum ipsum”, and free images from something like moregufile then try to connect it all together. You can put the correct text and images in later :)

    It might help I knew if you site was planned to have 100s, 1000s or just a few pages, and (as I’m not French speaker) concisely what your site’s overall purpose is. This might help in determining how to setup the menus !

    Nearly forgot – My front page was setup exactly as in my guide – … the menu items are just links to the underlying pages, so “The Trouble With Me” links to


    Don Charisma



    @doncharisma, is there a way to grid posts instead of pages once you click on one of the front page widget areas?

    Also, how did you get the line below the 3 widget areas before the additional widgets on the bottom?

    Thank you,



    Hey @mrssarahlack

    The line is automatically inserted I think between the 3 widgets on front page and the testimonials area. If you’re not using the testimonials you could try an additional text widget(s) with simply this in it :


    Although as there are 3 widgets, it might be difficult/impossible to line up the horizontal rules.

    As for the posts instead of pages, not as far as I can see. The grid page relies on the structure of parent page for the main page, and child pages for the grid items. I’m fairly sure there isn’t a way to to do this posts, as they don’t have hierarchy.

    If your project is/was “business critical” and you must have Sela theme and must have blog posts in that format, it’s not terribly difficult for a web developer/designer to display posts like this. It’s the type of customization my customers ask for all the time. However not on as they don’t allow changes to the PHP code, so it would have to be a self-hosted site.

    So in other cases, if you must have that format for blog posts, then you’ll need to look for another theme that already does this.


    Don Charisma

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