Mobile version of website blowing-up & blurring featured background images

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    Theme is Pique by Automattic.
    I’ve googled everything & can’t find a solution.
    Website looks & works as wanted on computer but when opened in mobile you’ll see what I mean in comparison.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi @brickrepairscomau, can you clarify what you mean by blowing up?

    I noticed most of the images looked pretty normal, except the one really long section. That image did have to get “stretched out” to fit that much text.

    Also, are you aware you can reach support directly here?


    Did you check on an iphone?



    Hi there,

    I suspect you’re referring to how to background pictures look blurry when the site is viewed from a mobile device.

    This is happening because of the site’s design. When viewed on smaller screens it zooms and crops the background images. You need to use images with a higher resolution to avoid this blurring from happening.


    Yes that’s what I am referring to.
    I understand that.
    Is there a way to alter the settings so the mobile version of the website doesn’t zoom in or crop the images & presents them exactly as they appear on the desktop version?



    To override this behaviour you’d have to modify the theme’s core files, and we’re not able to help with that level of customization. It’s not a simple CSS change.

    I want you to try something, though: Go to My Site ->Manage ->Settings ->Performance, and if the Lazy Load Images option is switched on, switch it off. Then let us know here so we can check again. I just want to test a theory.

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