Mobile drop down menu – Parent page not opening child menu

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    my desktop drop down menu works perfectly, but on mobile it is harder to use. The parent menu item TEXT doesn’t open the child menu… but some parts of the menu BOX and the ARROW to the far right does.

    How can I make it so that both the link text and containing box open the child menu?

    my website is – view it on mobile to understand what I mean.


    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there, on Melody, for submenus on mobile, there is a down arrow to the right of menu items that have submenus, and if you tap on that, it will drop down and show the submenu items. I’ve tested your site on my iPhone 6s+ and it is working for me.

    Give that a try and let me know if that works for you. If not, can you tell me which phone and which browser and OS version you are using and I’ll see what I can do to test things. I do have an Samsun Galaxy J7 V I can test on.



    yes it all works as it should, ie, click the arrow for the drop down menu – but i would like to customise the CSS to make the text do this also.

    it just makes sense, because all the other links are activated by text, so people will try clicking the text to make the menu drop down. I’d like to create continuity in the menu.

    Just not sure what coding i need to change to do this.



    That is not possible without some changes to the menu javascript, and it can introduce issues for those on touch devices if the top level menu item (artwork or about) was an active link to a page since the software would not know if you wanted to look at the about or artwork page, or open the submenu. Since the designer would not know if you wanted to use a top level menu link as well as submenu, it would be virtually impossible to code things so that it worked with both.

    Designing for both touch device and desktop mouse or track pad is a difficult thing at this time

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