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    PressRow removed again, along with Sandbox 0.6.1, Sandbox 1.1, and The Journalist v1.3.


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    This makes me tired.



    Well, I’m currently browsing the “themes.php” directory and all four WordPress.com themes are there. I can see them in the “preview mode”, too.


    They seem to be available for older blogs but not for newly created ones.

    This makes me tired.



    For new blogs pressrow is removed which has been stated by staff recently here in the forums for the other themes I have no clue whats going on those themes…


    @slikbonez: Thanks, I didn’t think of that detail about Pressrow when I started the thread. So my “again” is wrong – post should have been:

    Sandbox 0.6.1, Sandbox 1.1, and The Journalist v1.3 tacitly joining Pressrow’s fate?


    Man, I’m so behind on theme deaths.

    Is there going to be a memorial service or something?

    Where do I send flowers?



    I just sacrificed some pictures of gardens out of my media library – does that count?


    Sandbox 0.6.1 and 1.1 I can surely see. They are older versions and are no longer supported by the authors. Journalist 1.3 though I actually liked better than 1.9 from an esthetic standpoint.



    Well crap. I loved version 1.3 from The Journalist. :(
    Why take it away?

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