Missed schedule error on scheduled postings

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    My wordpress hosted blog hiremena.com is showing ‘missed schedule’ and not publishing posts at the scheduled time. Your forum suggested I provide a link of the affected post http://hiremena.com/2012/03/21/3-tips-for-mena-leaders-to-create-a-more-productive-team/?preview=true&preview_id=78&preview_nonce=7c70b9582b

    I recently updated my wordpress time zone as well as cleared my cache as the forum suggested. If you could help with this I would be grateful.
    Blog url: http://hiremena.wordpress.com/



    Scheduled posts don’t actually appear until someone visits the blog after the scheduled time of publication. Basically, the post is published upon visit and back-dated to the schedule time. The next time you schedule a post, could you logout and visit your blog a few minutes after the scheduled time to see if it gets published?

    Sorry for the inconvenience.



    thanks kardotim. I will be sure to visit my site.

    Overall this is an unfortunate aspect of the feature as I have my posts hooked up to my social media outlets. Ideally I wanted to use these scheduled posts to send out social content updates automatically. I suppose I will have to rethink this tactic now?

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