Migrating from different Platform to WordPress

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    So I have a site I built with Hostgator’s proprietary Website Builder. I am looking to either port (ideally) or recreate the same website using WordPress, Genesis Framework (ideally) as the SEO of the Hostgator Website Builder version of the website is pretty terrible. Hostgator says there is no way to export the site to a file(s) that can be easily uploaded into WordPress. So my question is: Has anyone performed a migration like this? Is it possible to migrate the site from Website Builder to WordPress with minimal effort, or am I looking at having to recreate each page in WordPress and custom build the .CSS files to keep the look/feel of my current site? Any feedback is appreciated.

    – Mark


    Hello Mark,

    Are you trying to transfer a website created in Hostgator’s Website Builder to WordPress? You will probably have to recreate it. I believe the Website Builder uses HTML while WordPress uses PHP. I’m afraid it may be a lot of work.

    By the way, this forum is for users with websites hosted by WordPress.COM.

    You can find better help from WordPress.ORG forum.

    See more information about the difference from this link.


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