Migrate from Blogger with custom domain name and keep SEO

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    I want to move from Blogger (blog.insanegenius.com) to WordPress.com or WordPress.org self hosted.

    I much prefer to use WP.com, and will pay to have ads removed, it will still be cheaper than paying hosting fees, and dealing with self hosting setup time.

    I found many articles describing how to migrate to WP.org and keep the SEO and permalinks from Blogger working, but I can’t find any info on how to do the same using WP.com.

    Does WP.com offer the ability to automatically redirect Blogger style links to WP.com style links?


    The blog I need help with is blogdotinsanegenius.wordpress.com.




    Thank you, I am familiar with how to use custom domain names with WP.com.

    I am asking how to get WP.com to serve the correct content for the permalinks used for existing posts imported from Blogger into WP.com.

    Blogger: http://…/2012/06/looks-can-be-deceiving.html
    WP.com: http://…/2012/06/19/looks-can-be-deceiving/

    Search engine and external users have the Blogger permalink, if I switch to WP.com, those links will 404.
    What WP.com needs to do is 302 those old permalinks to the new WP links.




    Once you move, the links will not 404. They work.



    That would be great if it just worked.

    I am hesitant to just take you word for it ;)
    Is the behavior documented somewhere?




    Most of the staff have less experience at WP.com than I do, but you can ask them.



    I tested it with a few links, and you are right it does work.
    And, I asked support, and they said it is not supported.

    So, I guess you do know more than support, good for you :) bad for my confidence in WP.com :(




    I made the transition and all appears to work well.



    laughing so hard :D I have been too gutless to say that myself – you are a caution! and I ♥ you



    Thanks, tt! And good luck with your blog, pieter.



    On 7/16 Google Webmaster Tools started reporting hundreds of 404 pages.

    Seems the redirection no longer works?


    This used to redirect, now they are all 404!



    Hi there, it’s correct that Blogger permalinks are rewritten after import into WordPress so that many of your links from search engines and other sites will continue to work.

    While Blogger post links end in .html, and don’t include a day value as part of the link, these differences are processed behind the scenes so that most Blogger links will continue to work anyway.

    However, if the link text (the “slug”) on a Blogger post was manually edited, or in some other way isn’t an exact match with the post title, the permalinks generated at WordPress.com won’t quite work. There are also some other slight differences — for example, Blogger automatically drops words like “the” from the permalink, while WordPress.com keeps them.

    We’ve added to our enhancement list a feature to match Blogger’s permalinks exactly on import, to help retain the permalinks a member has built history with.

    For now, we recommend manually editing the slugs on the posts that you received 404 alerts for. The slug is the last part of the link, usually made up of the words in your post title, separated by hyphens. You can manually edit this in the Edit Post screen of each post, or use Quick Edit in the All Posts screen, as follows:

    1. Go to the Post -> All Posts page in your dashboard.

    2. Hover your mouse over the title of a post that you have a 404 report for.

    3. Click the “Quick Edit” link that appears under the post title.

    4. Edit the post slug to match the slug that appears in the 404 report (leave off the ‘.html’)

    5. Click the blue Update button.

    You can read more about Quick Edit here:

    If it’s helpful, note that you can sort your posts into alphabetical order by clicking the Title button at the top of the list of Posts.

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