Messed-up formatting on Chrome

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    Out of the blue, I’ve lost the normal formatting on Chrome. Just added this:

    And it is “off”. But no problem on Safari or Firefox.


    The blog I need help with is



    Chrome often messes things up where Opera and Firefox do not. In particular it changes the fonts — a font is a typeface and point-size, and Chrome changes both.
    If you use LTR and RTL in parallel columns and adjust the fonts so that they more or less match, Chrome will make one of them very much larger than the other and make the whole thing look stupid to anyone who views your site in Chrome.
    You use Chrome at your own risk, but sadly the readers often do.

    A solution is to set out your page in Opera or Firefox, take a screenshot and convert it into an image, then use the image. However, Google and other search engines will not read it.



    Thanks. I figured it out but had no idea how it happened. On my WordPress account, somehow the smart phone formatting got checked. I changed it to normal. Funny thing. Now I can’t even find where that option exists.

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